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After Two Years And Two Movies, I Just Realized Richie Has A Much More Tragic Story In "It"

I truly do not know how this one went over my head.

🚨SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk!🚨

This weekend, It Chapter Two came out and I went in fully prepared to crap my pants.

Even though this was a horror film, there was a heartbreaking storyline that became EVEN MORE HEARTBREAKING when I realized what it was really about.

Yes, I am talking about Richie being in love with Eddie, which made Eddie's death that much more sad.

I'm not joking — I legit thought that Richie gave Eddie the most shit 'cause he was an easy target and then him carving their initials into the bridge was him being like, "Nah, we're really homies."

But then, after thinking, Huh, why didn't Richie carve ALL their initials into the bridge? I realized* that Richie's "secret" was that he saw Eddie as ~more~ than a friend.

So now, of course, I am utterly devastated and my heart goes out to Richie.

All of the interwebs — aka everyone who realized the truth about Richie before I did — is also in their feelings about this:

so it’s actually canon that richie tozier has been in love with eddie kaspbrak since they were kids, then had to watch him die and after that could never make any relationships work because eddie was his only love

IT CHAPTER 2 SPOILERS // i’m sorry this is the last one - - - - - - - - - - this hits differently now.....

over 27 years later richie still makes sure he’s holding on to eddie to make sure he’s okay whenever pennywise shows up

#reddie Richie really went back to Carve his and Eddie’s Initials on the kissing bridge.

richie only took a small duffle bag and wore one jacket. he probably didn’t even have a spare. eddie brought two suitcases. richie left his jacket with eddie. eddie’s suitcases were most likely left with richie. richie wears a hoodie in the end scene. is it eddie’s...?

eddie: *putting his feet on richie’s face* richie: *rolls eyes* me:

me coming back home thinking about richie and eddie, my heart is completely broken #ITChapter2 #IT2

richie adjusting his glasses when eddie is talking to him bc that’s his crush and he’s nervous

So, yeah, sure It Chapter Two was a scary movie to some, but to me, it was a story about a love that would never be.

This is how MY version of It Chapter Two ends:

the best part of IT chapter 2 was when richie and eddie got married and adopted a pomeranian together