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    I Rewatched "Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" As An Adult And It's Truly Magical


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    1. This montage of a pair of jeans being made in the opening credits is my new ASMR.

    2. Ugh, poor preteen Carmen. Also, her dad leaving in the pouring rain? Talk about dramatic effect.

    3. Preteen Tibby is every guy I went to film school with.

    4. Cut to Bridget's mom's funeral. Do they all have tragic parent plot lines?

    5. "Wild, unstoppable Bridget; shy and beautiful Lena; Tibby, the rebel; and me, the writer." Hmm, one of these things is not like the other.

    6. I wish Carmen would see herself the way she sees her friends. She's awesome!

    7. The vintage store where they find the ~jeans~ is called "Deja Blue." I love that.

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    8. Did Tibby just casually drop a Laverne DeFazio reference in their conversation about clothes? Yup, DEF a kid I went to film school with.

    9. Ew, why is Tibby just putting random jewelry in her mouth? That's how you get infections.

    10. "I don't wear jeans." Um, what? OK, Lena.

    11. Upon rewatch, it's so obvs that these are four different pairs of jeans.

    12. "You think that a pair of jeans that fits all of you is gonna fit all of this?" I've never related to Carmen more.

    13. "We'll help your thighs get into them, don't worry about it." Wow, OK, Tibs.

    14. It IS scientifically impossible for one pair of jeans to fit the four of y'all perfectly, Lena. But, plot, so, whatever.

    15. They're too cool for ~regular~ sleepovers. They have sleepovers in abandoned prenatal aerobic studios.

    16. They'll be apart this summer, but the pants will keep them together!! Love this sister bond. BECHDEL TEST, HELLO!

    17. I also don't wash my jeans, Carmen, so I don't think having this as one of the rules for the pants is that weird.

    18. Omg, they're going to document the adventures they had over the summer on the pants. These jeans are gonna be so ~fly~.

    19. "Pants equal love. Love your sisters and love yourself." I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING.

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    20. Bridget THOUGHT there were no boys at this soccer camp. Hellllooooo, Coach Eric.

    21. Oooh, whip that hair, Bridget. That caught Coach Eric's attention.

    22. Totally forgot the dad from Get Out is Carmen's dad!

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    23. "You remember everything." "I don't remember you telling me you moved." HA! Got 'em!

    24. Way to spring this on her, dad. Could you not bring up your new family during that long-ass car ride?

    25. Why do Krista and Paul match? Was this planned?

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    26. LMAO at Tibby putting the price tag on her forehead. Know yourself, know your worth.

    27. Honestly, I'd fall into the ocean checking out Kostas too.

    28. I'd touch a fish for you, Kostas.

    29. "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield was the soundtrack to my youth.

    30. "I play forward." "So I've noticed." OOOOHH SNAPP. I SEE YOU, BRIDGET.

    31. Bridget, if you're gonna lie about your age while you're flirting with Coach Eric, why not say you're 18?

    32. Ugh, they make beach running look so easy. We get it. You're ~athletic~.

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    33. What are the odds that the girl who fainted at Wallman's is the girl who accidentally got Tibby's package?

    34. "When I was 10 I didn't have an iPod." This line is so 2005.

    35. Paul just played a whole-ass soccer game and now he has to play tennis?

    36. Damn, that tennis ball to the head must have hurt. Would be lying if I said I didn't laugh out loud.

    37. "It's no big deal." Paul can speak!

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    38. Brian McBrian. Wow, his parents did that on purpose.

    39. I'm pretty sure it's illegal for Tibby and Bailey to film Brian McBrian without his permission. Do they not carry around waivers with them?

    40. Actually, Brian is owning this Dragon Slayer game. AND he even teaches Tibby and Bailey how to play! I'm here for it. #TeamBrianMcBrian

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    41. Care package time! You mean to tell me that all these girls got clothes and snacks and Herbal Essences shampoo, and all Bridget's dad could do was send one measly letter??

    42. Wow, could Bridget's dad be a bit more ~wordy~? Jeez.

    43. What is this CD-ROM/Windows 98/Sega Genesis editing software that Tibby is using?

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    44. Lydia trying to make her Hispanic housekeeper wash Carmen's sheets when Carmen specifically said she could wash her own is problematic, no? Can't Lydia see that having the housekeeper wash Carmen's sheets is making her uncomfortable???

    45. I see you, Lena, trying to get noticed among all the fish.

    46. Lena is sketching the EXACT same church Kostas's parents got married in. If that ain't a sign, IDK what is.

    47. Lena jumping in the ocean is a moment™.

    48. Oh, what a coincidence, Kostas wanted to go for a swim at the exact moment Lena had her ocean-revelation.

    49. Ugh, when Tibby finds out about Bailey's leukemia. My heart.

    50. Bridget, coming in with the risqué dance moves. "I play forward." More like ~backward~. I see you backin' it up on Coach Eric. Get it, girl.

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    51. Kostas teaching Lena how to drive a moped? Too cute.

    52. AND he got the whole fish market to cheer for her when she got the hang of it?? TOO FRIGGIN' CUTE. Where's my Kostas??

    53. Ugh, poor Carmen. Like, we get it! The dress doesn't fit! You don't have to make her feel like shit. Maybe y'all should have, IDK, asked her for HER DRESS SIZE??

    54. When the seamstress at the bridal store says they'll "start over on the other one." Um, hello, RUDE. She has a name, and it's not "the other one."

    55. You tell ‘em off, Carmen! You do have an ass! And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I wish Carmen’s friends were there to hype her up.

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    56. "NO SLEEP 2NITE." What a 2005 bop.

    57. Why is Bridget's coach holding her back? She's the best soccer player on the team.

    58. "You can't stop this *dun dun* feeeellliiiinnnggg." This song is so catchy. It's gonna be stuck in my head all day.

    59. I can't tell if Coach Eric is encouraging Bridget's behavior or not.

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    60. Wow, Bridget is sharing a lot with this dude. She CANNOT stop this feeling.

    61. How has this cab driver shown more concern for Carmen's well-being than her own father?

    62. Oh, what a perfect family. HOW ARE YOU NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE WHEREABOUTS OF YOUR OWN DAUGHTER?? I'd throw a rock too.

    63. Carmen cannot catch a break.

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    64. "I'm afraid of time, and not having enough of it. Time to figure out who I'm supposed to be, to find my place in the world, before I have to leave it. I'm afraid of what I'll miss." BAILEY, NOOOO. YOU WISE, YOUNG STARFISH.

    65. Sex on the beach? With no towel? Uh huh, OK. Also, the pant-wearer has to take the jeans off, Bridget. Respect the rules of the pants!

    66. Damn, Papu just spit on Kostas. That hatred runs ~deep~.

    67. Poor Lena, she was just trying to spend one more night with her bae and ended up getting dunked in a bathtub by Yia Yia.

    68. Poor Bridget, that's no way to feel after your first time.

    69. Poor Tibby, Bailey's in the hospital. IS EVERYONE'S LIFE TURNING TO SHIT??

    70. Oh no! Lena, the letter from Bridget! Look under your bed!

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    72. Omg, he let her have her chance.

    73. "Go." Can't believe Papu's first line in the movie was so life-changing for Lena. I LOVE LOVE!!

    74. Looks like Kostas teaching Lena how to ride a moped came in handy! Go get your man, Lena!!

    75. "BE BE YOUR LOVE!" Ugh, this soundtrack. Love it.

    76. OK, Lena and Kostas' reunion is actually a lil' anticlimactic, not gonna lie. But that was one helluva kiss.

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    77. Are we to believe that Carmen's dad hasn't called her ONCE since she left his house?? WTF! Why does she have to be the one to make the first move??

    78. Tibby being there for Carmen while she confronts her dad is amazing. I LOVE STRONG FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS!


    80. "Why does Paul visit his alcoholic dad once a month, but you only visit me twice a year." WOW. SHOOK.

    81. You tell him, Carmen. Let it out.

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    82. Brian McBrian came to visit Bailey in the hospital. I can't. #TeamBrianMcBrian.

    83. "The pants have already worked their magic on me. They brought me to you." I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING.

    84. "Finish your movie." "Why?" "Because you can." Yup, I'm a goner.

    85. RIP, Bailey. You will be missed.

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    86. Brian comforting Tibby. I CAN'T. #TEAMBRIANMCBRIAN!

    87. BAILEY'S TAPE!

    88. "There's a little bit of loser in all of us, ya know?" Ain't that the truth.


    90. I am living for this loving, supportive, female friendship.

    91. Poor Bridget, she lost her mom so young. Now all she has is a dad who sends her two-line letters. GOOD THING SHE HAS HER SISTER SQUAD!

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    92. How in the world did Bridget's dog run into Coach Eric? Was he just wandering around Bethesda? Could this not have been a phone call?

    93. I do appreciate Coach Eric taking responsibility for what went down between them, rather than having Bridget feel like she was the one who did something wrong.

    94. Yay for being friends. That was not a ~friendly~ hug, though. Mhmm. I see you, Coach Eric.

    95. TBT to when you could meet people at the gate rather than waiting for them at baggage claim. But, YAY the sisters are reunited!

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    96. "If it was that important, then my dad would pick up the phone and tell me himself." PREACH, CARMEN.

    97. Tibby's calling her documentary "Bailey." Ugh, my heart.

    98. OMG, Carmen's dad bringing her up to stand with them at the wedding. SEE, HE'S NOT ASHAMED OF YOU, CARMEN!! It doesn't make up for everything, but it's a helluva start.

    99. Omg, this father/daughter embrace. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING.

    100. "To the pants, and the sisterhood, and this moment, and the rest of our lives. Together, and apart." Holy shit, I am a mess.

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    101. Final thoughts: The jeans are magic. They brought Lena love, Bailey into Tibby's life, closure and acceptance to Bridget, and Carmen's dad back into her life. But, most importantly, they kept, and will keep, these sisters together forever.

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