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Can You Pass This Gen Z Trivia Quiz And Beat Rebel Wilson's Score?

"Cheugy? Is that Korean?"

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With warmer weather comes Netflix's slate of fun summer movies, and first on the docket is Senior Year!

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The film follows Stephie (played by Rebel Wilson), who, after falling into a 20-year coma following a cheerleading mishap, decides to go back to high school at the age of 37 to finish her senior year.

Rebel smiles and waves in a scene from the film

This is already my fave movie of the summer.

If you understand the severity of this burn, you should watch Senior Year. Now on Netflix.

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So to celebrate the premiere of her film, we had Rebel take a BuzzFeed quiz to test her Gen Z knowledge!

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BuzzFeed Celeb / Via youtube.com

Now it's your turn! Take our Gen Z trivia quiz below and compare your results with Rebel's!

Be sure to catch Rebel in Senior Year, now streaming on Netflix!

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