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    15 Tweet Reactions From "SATC" Stans Who Aren't Pleased About Samantha Not Being In The Revival

    Pour a Cosmo out for our girl Samantha.

    This weekend, we got the amazing news that Sex and the City will be returning to our screens in a brand-spanking-new reboot titled And Just Like That...!

    Anything is possible. This is New York. @AndJustLikeThat ⁦⁦@hbomax⁩ ⁦ ⁦@SJP⁩ @KristinDavis⁩ #AndJustLikeThat #SATCNextChapter

    HOWEVER, fans quickly noticed that a name was missing from the announcement: Kim Cattrall, aka Samantha Jones, extraordinaire.

    It's no secret that Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker have long-standing, un-grilled beef between them:

    According to Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker was a mean girl and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and Kristen Davis (Charlotte) aligned themselves with SJP, which left Cattrall to "sit alone" toward the end of the series and during the two films.

    Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte at an auction

    We don't know if this ongoing feud is the SPECIFIC reason why she's not in the reboot, but I think it's safe to say you won't be qualifying for the Olympics if you make that leap.

    Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte standing outside of a shop

    This goes without saying, but the SATC hive has been very vocal about their opinion re: Samantha's absence from the reboot.

    Some fans were upset and didn't see the point:

    The show doesn't work without Samantha. I mean, even the E! reruns of SATC were awful, because they censor half of Sam's slutty stories (and weirdly, Miranda's dialogue, too, since she curses constantly.) The only solution is to recast with Dick Sargent.

    Sex and the City doing a new series without Samantha is like Destiny’s Child making a comeback without Beyoncé #andjustlikethat #satc

    Twitter: @RebeckahHird

    without Samantha in the reboot of Sex & the City... it’s only City...

    Twitter: @goddesslindseys

    samantha jones is the heart of sex and the city

    Twitter: @ephhemere

    Sex and the City without Samantha is absolutely Orwellian.

    Twitter: @jeremycabo

    we didn’t even want a reboot and now y’all are trying to serve us sex and the city without Samantha? why

    Twitter: @shaynizzl

    Others came to the consensus that they should just recast her or give her her OWN spinoff:

    Just have Jane Krakowski play Samantha Jones and never address it on the show, obviously.

    Don’t kill off Samantha in the Sex and the City, give Kim Cattrall her own spin off show called “Sex and the Other City” set in London. She plays an agent for British movie stars, getting pissed in Soho with the gays and sleeping with corrupt politicians

    Twitter: @Hun_derrated

    I think we all know the perfect replacement for Kim Cattrall in the Sex and the City reboot

    Twitter: @shckldg

    If we must have a Samantha-less Sex and the City reboot she must be replaced by one of these women

    Twitter: @rosedommu

    But, most of all, people made jokes. Was it to help us laugh through the pain of not having Samantha in our lives anymore? Who's to say!

    As new episodes without Kim Cattrall approached, I couldn't help but wonder: Was there going to be any sex in the city at all?

    The news that Sex And The City is returning has given me hope that people in their late fifties might be assumed to be having sex.

    Twitter: @Baddiel

    Sex And The City Samantha not coming back being included #SATCNextChapter #SexAndTheCity

    Twitter: @Missguided

    Kim Cattrall dodging the Sex and the City reboot

    Twitter: @SaintHoax

    Needless to say, the Sex and the City reboot won't be the same without Samantha Jones. However, I couldn't help but wonder...even though this isn't the reboot we necessarily wanted, perhaps it's the one we need?