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    "Eternals" Introduced A New Character In The Mid-Credits Scene — Here's Who They Are And Why We're Freaking Out

    If you know, you know.

    Eternals premiered this weekend, and I know that I *personally* loved all 157 minutes of it.

    Some of my FAVORITE minutes were from the post-credits scene. Now, if you know, then PROCEED! BUT if you have not watched Eternals and avoided the major spoilers, then STOP NOW!

    OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way...


    You read that correctly! Harry entered the MCU as Starfox (aka Eros), brother of Thanos and bearer of ~pleasure~:

    Harry Styles posing for a photo and looking fabulous in a leather jacket and fur scarf

    Needless to say, this was me when I saw Harry appear onscreen as Eros:

    Here are some of the best reactions to H.S. joining the MCU:

    Marvel Studios / Via Twitter: @hourlyharrys

    unseen photo of dr.strange and eros attending a tea party

    Twitter: @halosdimple

    *veep voice, british accent* "I'm Eros"

    Twitter: @illicitxlwt

    pip telling eros “everything you do is impressive” is truly so true and on par this is perfect casting with harry styles it’s true

    Twitter: @punrry
    Twitter: @goldforevermore

    The whole cinema just gasped when Harry Styles appeared in that end credit scene… I felt so alive

    Twitter: @Balegde_

    “harry styles should have stay just a singer” no, you should have stay quiet.

    Twitter: @darvol6

    I love the stories of people gasping when they realize they are looking at harry styles in Eternals

    Twitter: @chrryprettstbby

    This is all of us after finding out that Harry Styles might be in 5 MARVEL MOVIES.

    Twitter: @tooyoungonvinyl

    harries and marvels fans fighting for comic con tickets if harry ever goes to one

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @stylesfeature

    call me old fashioned but i was raised to SERVE starfox. clean up after him. take care of him all day everyday and cook for him every night. starfox’s needs come FIRST. if starfox cheats on me it means i’ve fucked up and i need to address myself!

    Twitter: @blondedrry

    yeah sex is hot but harry styles saying "I'm eros" is hotter

    Twitter: @lwtszm

    Chloe Zhao basically said harry IS eros and he IS the god of sex and love

    Twitter: @foolvol6

    In conclusion:

    so harry didn’t even need to audition for the role of eros… they just asked him??? they gave him a leading role and a possible 5 movie contract WITHOUT AUDITIONING???? that man is a god… A GOD

    MTV / Via Twitter: @kaceysmusgrves