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    I Rewatched "Clueless" And Ranked Cher's Outfits From "Hagsville" To Utterly Fabulous

    "Hey, who's watching the Galleria?"

    32. This Valentine's Day plaid look:

    31. This denim-on-denim ensemble:

    30. This satin yellow outfit:

    29. This pointy-collared argyle combo:

    28. This brown argyle sweater:

    27. Mrs. Geist's bridesmaids dress:

    26. This shiny pink sweater and plaid pant combo:

    25. This inferior red dress:

    24. This sage-and-pink floral silk dress:

    23. This casual sporty look:

    22. This monochromatic mint mini dress:

    21. This white eyelet crop top and lilac pant combo:

    20. This white baby tee and baby blue miniskirt combo:

    19. This casual mom-fit:

    18. This other mom-fit:

    17. The final mom-fit:

    16. This so-ugly-she's-cute cardigan:

    15. This gym oufit:

    14. This burgundy shift dress:

    13. This pinstripe suit:

    12. This leather co-ord:

    11. The Calvin Klein dress:

    10. This pleated black mini and white cardigan combo:

    9. This striped shirt and red plaid mini combo:

    8. This full on red plaid co-ord:

    7. This oversized Oxford and mini red vest combo:

    6. This pistachio colored ensemble:

    5. This sheer black over-shirt outfit:

    4. This "buns of steel" workout onesie:

    3. This white sheer over-shirt outfit:

    2. The red Alaïa dress and matching jacket:

    1. The yellow plaid ensemble: