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Sure, You'll Go Bankrupt, But The Rachel Green Collection At Ralph Lauren Is Worth Every Penny

Could I BE any more excited for this collection?

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the Friends premiere, and collectively as a nation, we're like, "Where did all the time go?"


In honor of the anniversary, Ralph Lauren is dropping the Rachel Green collection, inspired by everyone's favorite RL executive.


Rachel Green's influence!

The collection will be on display at none other than Bloomingdale's — the starting place of Rachel's fashion career — where there's a special Friends 25th anniversary display.

Ralph Lauren / Via

Trés chic.

I would be lying if I said it wouldn't be worth it to go bankrupt over this collection:

Ralph Lauren / Via

Who needs to eat, anyways?

Like, there is no price I would not pay to get my hands on this iconic outfit:


My preteen ass was LIVING for this look.

So if you have some extra dough to spare, be sure to check out the Rachel Green collection at Ralph Lauren.

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