Pawn Shop Employees Are Sharing Items That Are Actually Worthless And I'm At A Loss For Words

    Utterly gobsmacked.

    Whether it be signed sports memorabilia, family heirlooms, or lucky tchotchkes, everybody has items in their possession that they believe to be worth A LOTTA CASH!

    WELL, pump the brakes, people, because Reddit user TheRedWarrior137 asked the pawn shop employees of the world, "What is something people think is collectible or worth a lot of money, but is actually relatively worthless?" Lemme tell ya, these replies will have you clutching your pearls.

    Here are some of the most shocking responses:

    1. Swarovski crystals

    2. Used laptops

    3. Televisions

    4. State quarters

    5. Diamond rings

    6. Autographed baseball memorabilia

    7. Guitars

    8. China sets

    9. Silverware

    10. Books

    11. Watches

    12. Beanie Babies

    13. Comic books

    14. Vinyl records

    15. Finally, anything considered a "collectable" item: