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    PrettyMuch Played Our Game Of Who's Who, And I'm ~Pretty Much~ Obsessed With Them

    Stan Nick, Zion, Edwin, Austin, and Brandon for clear skin and good health.

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    As a lover of boy bands โ€” BSB, 1D, JoBros, etc. โ€” when this new band landed on my radar, I ~pretty much~ became obsessed with them on the spot.

    AND YOU'RE IN LUCK, because these stunning young lads recently released their new EP, Smackables, for your audial pleasure:

    So, to celebrate the drop of their latest EP, we had PrettyMuch Zoom in and play our fave game, Who's Who!

    PRETTYMUCH posing for an adorable selfie
    BuzzFeed Celeb / PRETTYMUCH

    So, who's most likely to forget choreo on stage? Get a spontaneous tattoo? Order Dunkin' Donuts on UberEats? Only one way to find out*!

    View this video on YouTube

    *Hint: It's by watching the video!

    Now, like a mother, I cannot PICK my fave member of PrettyMuch, buuuuuuutttt Nick may have edged out* the others just a tad 'cause he's simultaneously most likely to ghost in the group chat AND most likely to be caught on their phone texting. I relate to that on a personal level.

    PRETTYMUCH plays a game of Who's Who
    BuzzFeed Celeb

    *Who am I kidding, I still simp for Brandon, Austin, Zion, and Edwin.

    After some back-and-forth, Nick agreed with the rest of the group, but that's because โ€” like me โ€” he'll react in his mind, but not, you know, react to the message:

    PRETTYMUCH plays a game of Who's Who
    BuzzFeed Celeb

    However, not even a second later, they all agreed that Nick was the one always on his phone texting:

    PRETTYMUCH plays a game of Who's Who
    BuzzFeed Celeb

    Nick: "It makes no sense?"

    Though, I think we got down to the bottom of this mystery:

    PRETTYMUCH plays a game of Who's Who
    BuzzFeed Celeb

    Again, as someone who has every group chat on DND yet is constantly on their phone, I FELT this.

    These boys are so precious, I can't even. And, just in case you can't get enough of them, be sure to check out their EP Smackables if you're into dope tunes:

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