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    16 Character-Based Plot Twists That Were Responsible For My Jaw Colliding With The Floor



    1. In The Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader is revealed to be Luke's father:


    This may be the first ever character reveal that TRULY shocked me. Like, THE ENEMY IS THINE FATHER?? I don't care what Beca said in Pitch Perfect, no one could predict that one.

    2. In The Chamber of Secrets, when Tom Riddle is revealed to be Lord Voldemort:

    Warner Bros.

    I was watching this series with my best friend this winter — it was her first time watching the series; it was my 13th time — and she legit turned to me and was like, "DO PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS? I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!"

    3. In The Prisoner of Azkaban, when Scabbers is revealed to be Peter Pettigrew:

    Warner Bros.

    Don't get me wrong, I sympathize with Sirius Black for being wrongfully imprisoned for all that time, but Peter Pettigrew living in his animagus form as Ron's pet rat for 13 years was low-key iconic.

    4. In Coco, when Héctor is revealed to be Miguel's ancestor:

    Pixar / Walt Disney Pictures

    Ernesto de la Cruz is a CONMAN and a MURDERER! When I learned that Héctor was Miguel's great-great-grandfather and Coco's father, I was legit gobsmacked.

    5. In The Dark Knight Rises, when Miranda Tate is revealed to be Talia al Ghul:

    Warner Bros.

    We LOVE a double agent! OK, not necessarily in this case, but when Miranda came out as Talia al Ghul, I could do nothing but applaud the plot twist that was three movies in the making.

    6. In Fight Club, when Tyler Durden is revealed to be the Narrator's split personality:

    20th Century Fox

    Honestly, I was so shocked because I couldn't even see this outcome as a POSSIBILITY, let alone the path the movie was going down.

    7. In The Wizard of Oz, when The Wizard was revealed to be a regular-ass dude:


    If I went on this long-ass journey — down a long-ass road in uncomfortable-ass ruby slippers — just to find out that this "all-knowing wizard" is actually just a bum-ass dude, I would be HEATED!

    8. In Shutter Island, when Teddy Daniels is revealed to be Patient 67, aka Andrew Laeddis:

    Paramount Pictures

    The whole movie, you think Teddy is trying to solve the case, but in actuality, he's the CRIMINAL! THAT! HE'S! LOOKING! FOR! Talk about a Memento-like twist!

    9. In Mr. Robot, when Elliot Alderson is revealed to be Mr. Robot:


    Similar to Fight Club, I didn't expect this outcome to be a possibility! Nor did I expect the manifestation of Mr. Robot to be Elliot's dad! Or for Darlene to be his sister! My brain was like a 404 error message when that reveal came to light.

    10. In Oldboy, when Mi-do is revealed to be Oh Dae-su's daughter:

    Shadow East

    I'm not saying I threw up when this revelation came to light — you know, Dae-su having sex and falling in love with his own daughter — but I'm not saying I didn't not throw up.

    11. In The Prestige, when Fallon is revealed to be Alfred Borden's twin:

    Warner Bros.

    Don't get me wrong, I prefer The Illusionist over The Prestige, but Alfred living a half-life with his twin so that their illusion, The Transported Man, could shock audiences was a damn good reveal.

    12. In Psycho, when Mrs. Bates is revealed to be Norman Bates in disguise:

    Paramount Pictures

    Norman puts the "psycho" in psychotic break.

    13. In Us, when Adelaide is revealed to be Tethered Adelaide:

    Universal Pictures

    If I think too much about human Adelaide being stuck in the Tether world for too long, I break into hives.

    14. In Saw, when "the dead guy in the corner" is revealed to be John Kramer, aka the Jigsaw Killer:


    I'm still reeling from this one! Never trust a dead body, folks!!

    15. In Now You See Me, when Dylan Rhodes is revealed to be Lionel Shrike's son:

    Summit Entertainment

    The lengths that Dylan went to in order to imprison the man who he believed to be responsible for the death of his father is nothing short of impressive.

    16. Last, but not least, in A Cinderella Story, when Nomad is revealed to be Austin Ames:

    Austin Ames walking down the starlit promenade with Sam
    Warner Bros.

    OK, I'm mostly joking, but still, we LOVE A ROMANCE!

    What are some of your favorite character reveals? Let us know in the comments below!

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