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    Not A Single Soul Asked For Phylicia Rashad's Pro–Bill Cosby Tweet, And Black Twitter Is Not Having It

    It cost $0.00 to not share tweets.

    Earlier today, it was announced that Bill Cosby will be released from prison.

    Bill Cosby departs the Montgomery County Courthouse after a preliminary hearing

    And not too long after this news broke, Phylicia Rashad — who played Bill Cosby's wife in The Cosby Showtweeted her support for him:

    FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!

    Needless to say, a lot of people are up in arms about this, ESPECIALLY since it costs 0 dollars and 0 cents to keep your thoughts to yourself:


    Claire Huxtable would HATE you for supporting a serial rapist. Horrible example you are setting for Rudy, Vanessa, Sondra and Denise. Horrible. As long as you're rich enough, you can rape all you want, your lawyers will get you off. This is what you believe, Phylicia?

    Twitter: @shvintage


    * tearfully whispers 'bye Phylicia' *

    Twitter: @AudreLawdAMercy


    don’t forget to go when you leave @phyliciarashad

    Twitter: @crissles


    That panicked scraping you hear is the sound of the THIS IS US creative team furiously writing Phylicia Rashad out of the last season of the show.

    Twitter: @rothschildmd


    I love @PhyliciaRashad but Howard need to remove her cause how safe would you feel if your dean is defending a man who ADMITTED he drugged and raped women.

    Twitter: @evelynvwoodsen


    Phylicia Rashad was only a TV lawyer

    Twitter: @JuddLegum


    My Phylicia Rashad stanning ends today.

    Twitter: @iamlexstylz


    Twitter: @_QuitaBee


    You had the option of just not tweeting, Phylicia, and yet you went with this.

    Twitter: @kendallybrown


    I hate it here

    Twitter: @DavidDTSS


    Y’all HAD to know that tweet from Claire Huxtable was coming. Probably been sitting in her drafts for years.

    Twitter: @EricHaywood


    No. Not Claire Huxtable. That justice for Bill Cosby tweet is...

    Twitter: @clockoutwars


    Phylicia hit that “only people I follow can reply” on that tweet. She knew she was dead wrong.

    Twitter: @rodimusprime


    We are getting this Phylicia Rashad right now

    Twitter: @solodeauxleaux


    I have never seen a QT ratio like the one on that Phylicia Rashad tweet

    Twitter: @chris_notcapn


    Dean Rashad, Is this how you're going to react when a Howard CoFA student tells you they were assaulted by another student if that student happens to be someone you like and admire? Because what you're telling Howard women rn is that you don't care if they're raped.

    Twitter: @SorayaMcDonald


    i actually love phylicia rashad and am sad

    Twitter: @AsteadWesley