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    23 Memes That Will Feed Your Petty Soul

    I didn't choose the petty life, it chose me.

    1. When someone has the ~audacity~ to betray you via iMessage.

    the-introvertedleo / Via

    2. When restaurants keep playing these games that you didn't ask to join.

    bitchycode / Via

    3. When your S.O. has plans at 9:00 p.m. so you schedule an argument for 8:55 p.m.

    @yellowbang / Via Twitter: @YeIIowbang

    4. When you've been slighted by your ex but you decide to play a lil' ruff. #BoneAppleTheTeeth

    arandomthot / Via

    5. When you finally get a new job so you can leave your whack-ass old job.

    bitchycode / Via

    6. When someone tries to check you when they really should be checkin' themselves.

    cat-memes-only / Via

    7. When you can't sleep because you keep thinking about that one thing your bae did six months ago.

    bitchycode / Via

    8. When Karen from the office cleans out the fridge without telling you.

    dirtydianabanana / Via

    9. When you try to be nice to someone on social media, but then you remember they've given you no reason to be.

    "It's ________ birthday" Me: Let me go tell them happy birthday real quick. Also me: Did they tell you happy birthday?

    @_ApplaudJava / Via Twitter: @_ApplaudJava

    10. When someone THOUGHT they were getting home from work faster than you.

    11. When the moment has come for you to break out the receipts.

    coopstar21 / Via

    12. When cutting people out of your life is one of your favorite pastimes.

    @MakeupbyMandy24 / Via Twitter: @makeupbymandy24

    13. When someone you're dating clearly doesn't value your time and that has to be rectified.

    when he waits 3 hours to text back so you wait 3 days

    @Nick_Avallone / Via Twitter: @Nick_Avallone

    14. When hatred is a binding factor in all your relationships.

    bitchycode / Via

    15. When socializing is for one thing and one thing only.

    bitchycode / Via

    16. When your phone is your greatest weapon.

    onlytwitterpics / Via

    17. When someone has the nerve to step on your territory.

    18. When you low-key live for nudging your bae closer and closer to the edge.

    onlytwitterpics / Via

    19. When you criticize someone for doing the same foolishness you did five minutes ago.

    bitchycode / Via

    20. When you revel in the wake of your enemies.

    cat-memes-only / Via

    21. When you've been on the phone with bae for hours and they try to start playing this phone game.

    stephanrocks5s / Via

    22. When your friend has wronged you and you demand reparations.

    gracemoyer / Via Ehis Osifo via BuzzFeed

    23. And finally, when you've found a place where you truly belong.

    williamkurk / Via

    "Petty Island"

    It's OK — you didn't choose the petty life, it chose you.


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