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    Paula Patton's Fried Chicken Recipe Is Making Waves On The Internet...For All The Wrong Reasons

    This...was not the dream that MLK was preaching about...

    Not too long ago, Paula Patton posted a video to her Instagram account of her making her mother's fried chicken recipe:

    However, it wasn't until TikTok user Ashley Spencer shared a review of her recipe that this became the new ~ hot ~ topic on the internet:


    y’all come watch paula make chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️

    ♬ Italian Dinner Party - Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

    Now, I thought that this was just gonna be a fun video...however, after watching it, I now understand why the internet is having a field day. The first offense was the not-so thorough wash of the chicken:

    The second offense was not seasoning the flour before battering the chicken:

    The most egregious, however, was the SEASONING OF THE CHICKEN IN THE OIL!

    I don't know much about cooking, but I do know that oil should NEVER be that color:

    And the INSIDE of the chicken should never be that color:

    a chicken cut open to reveal pink, still raw, chicken

    Anyway, this blind react video made its way to Black Twitter and now everyone is weighing in...and by weighing in, I mean making jokes:

    paula patton really set up the girlies with white mothers cuz why would you even tell us that shit was her method?

    Twitter: @crissles

    The chicken in Paula Patton pan did not deserve

    Twitter: @heeljone

    @_zing_bae Paula Patton mom had her eating "fried chicken" like they did on Atlanta season 3 episode.😂

    Twitter: @PMB_M24
    Twitter: @classy_cutie03

    Paula Patton got on the internet and managed to show y’all how to overseason and underseason fried chicken at the same time. A biracial miracle.

    Twitter: @Dang_Rashad

    Every ethnicity around the world watching Paula Patton fry chicken.

    Twitter: @Patience219

    Black Twitter watching Paula Patton fry chicken

    Twitter: @defsouf

    Just watched a video of Paula Patton frying chicken

    Twitter: @shaq_sunflower7

    The seasonings tryna hold on to the chicken Paula Patton frying

    Twitter: @BarkyBoogz

    The lesson from that Paula Patton vid is y'all really gotta stop making tutorials of shit y'all not even good at

    Twitter: @UncleTristan_

    Paula Patton lower intestine when that chicken hit her stomach

    Twitter: @GotEmRunnin

    I saw Paula Patton season grease this afternoon… Stop the world, I wanna get off.

    Twitter: @Dart_Adams

    Paula Patton needs tips from her 👇😂 #PaulaPatton

    Twitter: @thelasttalkshow

    "...I'm just simply saying, I come out here to see you prepping the chicken...and [these] are the flavors??? Salt, pepper, and onion powder? I'm not going to eat it, there's no flavor in this house."

    In conclusion:

    When the world comes together to diss Paula Patton’s “fried chicken” #PaulaPatton #FriedChicken

    Twitter: @DyamondWithaY