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People Are Sharing The Outfits That They Think About A Lot, And Now I Can't Get Them Out Of My Head

Say it with me: Andy's Chanel boots!

Ever spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about an outfit from a movie or show or pop culture in general? Yeah, me neither.

Well, luckily for you, Cinema Studies student Sydney Urbanek asked her Twitter followers about an outfit that they think about a lot. The replies came in DROVES, I tell you.

What's an outfit you think about a lot?

So, here are some of the most fashionable responses:

1. Villanelle's pink dress from Killing Eve:

@sydurbanek The pink dress from Killing Eve! ( I tried to buy it, but it's very expensive!)

2. Cecilia's green dress from Atonement:

@sydurbanek This green dress in Atonement

3. Cher's MANY iconic red outfits from Clueless:

@sydurbanek literally all of Cher’s outfits but her red ones were all HITS

4. Also, all the coordinating black and white gym outfits from Clueless:

5. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's matching denim ensembles:

6. Fran Fine's candy wrapper minidress from The Nanny:

@sydurbanek everything Fran wore on The Nanny, but especially this candy wrapper dress

7. Zendaya's pink boob plate and matching skirt outfit:

@sydurbanek I love a good crop top

8. Sean Connery's Bond suits from Goldfinger:

@sydurbanek Pretty much every outfit Sean Connery wore in Golfdinger ... except one.

9. Lupita Nyong'o's purple gown from the Black Panther premiere:

@LegallyBlahh @sydurbanek The first time I saw her in this one I gasped out loud. She's just stunning in everything.

10. Betty Draper's black dress from Mad Men:

11. Jackie Kennedy's infamous pink co-ord:

@sydurbanek Jackie Kennedy’s pink Chanel suit worn on the day JFK was assassinated

12. Ali's green "Bound to You" gown from Burlesque:

@sydurbanek THIS!!! all of the outfits from the movie are incredible, but this particular dress, and the scene that it’s in honestly takes my breath away every time i watch it.

13. Corey Mason's periwinkle sweater and plaid miniskirt from Empire Records:

14. Harry and Sally's respective chunky sweaters from When Harry Met Sally...:

15. Jules' metallic halter top from Bend It Like Beckham:

16. Lady Gaga's multi-part Met Gala gown:

@sydurbanek Gaga’s 2019 Met Gala moment!

17. Billy Porter's tuxedo dress:

@sydurbanek This king owns my soul with this dress.

18. Claire's red ball gown from Outlander:

19. Andy's post makeover outfit — with the Chanel boots — from The Devil Wears Prada:

@sydurbanek I was utterly obsessed with this look when this film came out and though the fashion has moved on a touch, the mood has not. I’m here for it.

20. Summer's baby blue day dress from (500) Days of Summer:

@sydurbanek the dress Zooey Deschanel wears to the wedding in 500 Days of Summer 💙

21. Emily / Hope's masculine chic wardrobe from A Simple Favor:

@sydurbanek Blake Lively's entire wardrobe from A Simple Favor 🥰

22. Alexia's matching sets from Wish Upon a Star:

@sydurbanek Everything Alexia Wheaton wore in "Wish Upon A Star"

23. Finally, Normani's custom "Motivation" ensemble:

What are some outfits that you can't stop thinking about? Sound off in the comments below!