People Are Sharing 100% Ordinary Things That They've Never Done And, Frankly, I'm Gobsmacked have you lived?

    Experiences! They bring joy and excitement to our lives. Even though we all come from different walks of life, there are common experiences that we all share as, you know, human beings.

    OR SO I THOUGHT! Recently, photographer Paul Clarke asked his followers, "What's the most ordinary thing you've never done?" And these responses will leave you shocked.

    My dad's never used a cashpoint. I've never eaten a Subway. What's the most ordinary thing you've never done (and are possibly becoming secretly proud of)?

    Here are some things people haven't done that'll have you questioning what they've been doing all their lives:

    1. Tasted this morning beverage:

    @paul_clarke I have never drunk a cup of tea

    2. Had this dairy delight:

    3. Or this dairy no-so-delight:

    @paul_clarke I’ve never eaten cottage cheese.

    4. Partook in this potty pastime:

    @paul_clarke read anything in bathroom while on the toilet

    5. Watched these iconic sitcoms:

    @paul_clarke Never seen Friends, Frasier, or Seinfeld

    6. Enjoyed this sports treasure:

    @paul_clarke Never watched a game of football. Don't even know the rules. I thought I could name 3 football players, but it turns out David Beckham has retired and George Best is dead, so I'm down to Wayne Rooney.

    7. Sobbed at this tearjerker:

    8. Grubbed at this tasty establishment:

    @paul_clarke Never eaten a McDonald’s. I’m 52.

    9. Experienced this galaxy far, far away:

    @paul_clarke I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars films (Not a requirement for an astrophysics PhD, thankfully)

    10. Wasted time on this social media site:

    @paul_clarke Been on facebook or even seen what its user interface or whatever it's called looks like

    11. Enjoyed this delicious fruit in its natural form:

    @paul_clarke never eaten an apple (raw, I like apple pie)

    12. Experienced this absolutely awful ordeal:

    @paul_clarke I’ve never had a hangover.

    13. Heard the start-up sound for these devices:

    @paul_clarke Never used an X Box or Playstation.

    14. Struggled with this vehicle mishap:

    @paul_clarke Never changed a car tyre. Not exactly proud, it just hasn't come up.

    15. Felt the fleeting rush this piece of paper gives you:

    @paul_clarke I've never bought a lottery ticket.

    16. Watched this dreadfully long film that was a requirement for most:

    @paul_clarke I graduated film school without seeing Citizen Kane. Still haven't.

    17. Frolicked around in this sub-zero climate:

    @paul_clarke @PomonaDez I’ve never played in snow.

    18. Felt the pain of this anatomical phenomenon:

    19. Owned this plastic accessory:

    @paul_clarke Never owned a credit card.

    20. Done this...which, frankly, I do not understand:

    @paul_clarke I am a millennial that has never ordered an item off amazon

    21. And finally, done this:

    @paul_clarke Never watched Game of Thrones Thing I might be the only one

    What are some 100% ordinary things that you've never done? Let us know in the comments below!