Netflix Dropped The "Bridgerton" Trailer And Please Excuse Me As I Wipe The Fog From My Bifocals

    "Dearest, reader..."

    Not too long ago, Netflix gave us a lil' amuse-bouche — aka the teaser for their first Shondaland show — but on this very day, we've been presented with the main course: the official Bridgerton trailer!!!!

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    *Bites knuckle.*

    From the mind of Chris Van Dusen — who worked on Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal alongside Shonda — comes this Regency era drama about the daughters of London's elite entering their first social season.

    Specifically, we're following Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), the eldest Bridgerton daughter, on her journey to find a husband.

    Daphne Bridgerton entering the queen's room

    After being deemed this season's incomparable, Daphne is feeling the pressure to find a suitable hubby...which is where the lovely Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page), the Duke of Hastings, comes in.

    Simon and Daphne accidentally bumping into one another

    After a meet-not-so-cute, Daphne and Simon — who ~dOn'T hAvE fEeLiNgS fOr EaCh OtHeR ~— decide to fake date so that Simon can get the "presumptuous mothers" off his back and Daphne can make the eligible men of the ton jealous.

    Simon and Daphne entering the ball with one another

    But, because romance, they start falling for one another! But will they be able to move past their pride and predisposition to not communicate in order to consummate their love? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

    Simon and Daphne dancing with one another

    As if all this wasn't stressful enough...the anonymous Lady Whistledown promised to report on all the tea of the ton. The more scandalous, the better!

    A shot of Lady Whistledown's society paper.

    Luckily for us, we're in store for some primetime Regency era drama™:

    We have, quite literally, gut-wrenching corsets:

    Prudence getting sewed into her corset while Penelope worries about her lung capacity.

    We got #Feminism:

    Eloise and Penelope promenading around the park

    We've got enchanting balls:

    Firework display over a ball

    And, we have an ALMOST hand touch!

    Daphne and Simon almost touching hands

    And if none of that convinced you, we have Regé-Jean Page's titillating jawline:

    Simon looking at Daphne with the EYES

    So, tune into Netflix on Christmas Day to binge the first season of Bridgerton — which is truly a present to us ALL!

    Violet Bridgerton surrounded by her family