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    I Know I'm Nit-Picking, But Here Are 26 Very Specific Teen Movie And Show Lies That Have Always Bugged Me

    The amount of offenses in A Cinderella Story...

    As a connoisseur of teen content β€” even into my 20s β€” here are some very random and very specific things that have bothered me in teen TV and movies over the years.

    A plaintiff looking shocked during an episode of Couples Court

    Before you get into a tizzy, this is supposed to be in good fun! But we can have fun while also acknowledging how balls-to-the-wall bonkers some of these shows and movies are. Here are some of the most egregious offenses:

    1. In One Tree Hill when, instead of a bake sale, they had a "boy toy" auction to raise money:

    Nathan flashing his bare chest with "boy toy" written on it
    The WB

    Like, I love charity, but there were parents in attendance...and some parents even bid on the boys! Oh, my lanta. I just sold brownies in high school, not my body.

    2. Also in One Tree Hill β€” and, like, a hundred other teen shows β€” when most of the kids are left to live alone in their huge-ass houses with ZERO parental supervision:

    Peyton looking at a wall of art in her bedroom
    The WB

    Brooke, Peyton, Nathan, seems like Lucas is the only one with an actual parent in the picture.

    3. On Riverdale when Betty and Jughead's extracurricular activities included solving murders and cracking down on drug rings:

    Betty standing in front of her comprehensive murder board
    The CW

    They did all this WHILE maintaining the Blue & Gold. Whereas the only thing I had to juggle the Argo β€” my high school newspaper β€” with was homework and crew practice.

    4. Also in Riverdale when Archie went to prison and recovered from his bear mauling and returned to school in the exact same year:

    Archie telling the prison yard about high school football
    The CW

    So. Many. Questions. Not. Enough. Answers.

    5. In To All The Boys when their class trip was to a fancy SKI RESORT even though they go to PUBLIC SCHOOL:


    Not to mention, the lack of adult supervision that allowed for these shenanigans to occur. THEY WOULD HAVE GOTTEN SUSPENDED SO FAST IRL!

    6. In Mean Girls when all the students and teachers knew that Regina George was a bully but did nothing to reprimand her:

    Paramount Pictures

    How was she not sent into the guidance counselor's office already?

    7. Also in Mean Girls when Cady, Karen, Gretchen, and Regina walked down the hallway in a fashion that TOOK UP THE ENTIRE HALLWAY:

    Cady, Karen, Regina, and Gretchen walking down the hallways of their school
    Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection

    No matter how popular you are, there is no way they wouldn't have been elbowed and shoved in the hallways.

    8. In Zoey 101 when they had gourmet sushi on campus instead of barely edible cafeteria food:

    Chase manning the sushi counter

    What is the tuition at PCA? I just wanna talk.

    9. In Easy A when Olive's corsets β€” albeit cute β€” somehow passed the school dress code:

    Olive walking down the hallway at her school
    Screen Gems

    I can hear my high school principal yelling about exposed shoulders now. I remember I got written up for wearing leggings because my top didn't cover my booty cheeks...even though not a lick of skin was exposed.

    10. In Gossip Girl when the Constance Billard girls were allowed to "customize" their uniforms to include designer heels, miniskirts, and luxury bags:

    Blair and her minions sitting on the steps of Constance Billard
    CW Network/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Cute? Yes! School appropriate? Not at all.

    11. Also in Gossip Girl when mass texts are able to get blasted out and remain anonymous:

    Blair and Serena checking their cellphones at the same time
    The CW

    I do not know how D*n became so tech savvy with his tea blasts. I can only imagine how damaging this would have been if this existed in actual high schools.

    12. In 10 Things I Hate About You when Kat flashed her teacher / soccer coach and was not reprimanded or, at least, sent to the guidance counselor:

    Kat flashing the detention teacher
    Buena Vista Pictures


    13. In Pretty Little Liars when no one reported Mr. Fitz and Aria's relationship:

    Mr. Fitz and Aria sitting across from one another in a classroom


    14. In Veronica Mars when V was allowed to disrespect authority because they would sometimes hire her to solve crimes:

    Veronica working the front desk of her dad's office

    Why was this 16-year-old the most functioning adult on this show?

    15. In A Cinderella Story when Austin Ames β€” A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD β€” drove a G-Wagon:

    Austin standing in front of his G-Wagon
    Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

    I guess the popular kids of the Valley have luxury cars. Not to mention an entire LOT just for student parking?? Is this real?? Please inform me.

    16. Also in A Cinderella Story when Sam got BULLIED in front of the entire school and not a teacher nor principal stepped in to stop it:

    Sam getting bullied in front of the entire student body
    Warner Bros.

    How did a teacher not stop this? Also, I STILL don't understand why Sam was considered to be "lame" 'cause she had a job...a job that seemed to be the most happenin' spot in the Valley, mind you. She could have been the hookup!

    17. ALSO in A Cinderella Story β€” sorry, last one β€” when Austin found the time to deck out this whole ass gazebo for some alone time with Sam:

    Sam and Austin dancing in a flower-adorned and candle-lit gazebo
    Warner Bros.

    My only guess is that he was too busy admiring his work to notice Sam beneath her not-that-discreet disguise.

    18. In Victorious when the students were allowed to customize / paint / sometimes cause irreversible damage to their lockers:

    Tori showing off her locker to Jade, Beck, Cat, and Trina

    I know it's a performing arts school, but also, SCHOOL PROPERTY!

    19. In Gilmore Girls when Rory somehow had time to have a full breakfast at Luke's Diner before school:

    The WB

    I went to prep school in New England! I know what time we had to be in school β€” 7:45 a.m. β€” and factoring in the transit time, the only way for Rory to be on time for school was if she got to Luke's at 5 a.m. The amount of times I got morning detention because I was late to homeroom because I thought I could fit in a morning coffee at a quaint coffee shop...

    20. Also in Gilmore Girls when Rory's only two options for college were Harvard...and Yale:

    Rory standing in front of her Yale board
    The WB

    Again, as someone who went to prep school in New England, there are PLENTY OF OTHER SCHOOLS THAT AREN'T IVIES / ARE WAY MORE AFFORDABLE!

    21. In Dope, when Malcolm's drug selling scheme β€” which he never got caught doing β€” somehow got him into Harvard:

    Malcolm and his friends on their way to meet with their drug dealer
    Open Road Films

    I will say, it's not CONFIRMED that he got in β€” but rather, it ends with an Inception-like allusion β€” but the fact that he even wrote that in a college essay to begin with is ballsy and wouldn't fly by any guidance counselor.

    22. On the topic of drugs, in Charlie Bartlett when Charlie didn't wind up in prison after conning his psychologist into prescribing him a bunch of medication that he then sold to his fellow students:

    Charlie laying on the couch of his therapist's office

    I mean, he was providing a service, but I do feel like he should have faced more repercussions.

    23. In The Secret Life of the American Teenager when several girls in the same friend group got pregnant because there's no sex ed in this school:

    Amy looking down at her positive pregnancy test
    ABC Family

    Say it with me kids: CONDOMS!

    24. In What A Girl Wants when Daphne didn't get into NYU, but somehow got into Oxford:

    Daphne exiting the Oxford campus
    Warner Bros.

    I mean, I'm sure having a dad in Parliament helped, but still. Methinks getting into Oxford is a wee bit harder than getting into NYU.

    25. In John Tucker Must Die when John didn't get EXPELLED for laying in the bed of their overnight chaperone in a ladies' thong:

    The chaperone pulling a thong-clad John Tucker by the ear through the hotel hallway
    20th Century Fox

    I thought all overnight trips were like this and I was SADLY mistaken when I eventually went on my first overnight in high school. Also, is this teacher allowed to manhandle a student like this.

    26. Lastly, I am sick and tired of high school kids looking this good. Show me a teen who looks like this and I'll show you someone lying about their age:

    from left, Trevor Donovan, Jessica Stroup, Shenae Grimes, Michael Steger, Tristen Wilds,  in the show titled 90210, walking up the stairs for school
    The CW

    Not a pimple in sight.