Former Oasis Member Noel Gallagher Decided To Say Some Questionable Things About Harry Styles When He Could Have Said Nothing

    Excuse me if I take the words from the dude who wrote "Wonderwall" with a grain of salt...

    Last week, Harry Styles released his new single, "As It Was," ahead of his third studio album, Harry's House.

    Harry Styles from his new music video

    I mention this because Harry trending/having the No. 1 song at the moment is the ONLY reason I can think of as to why Noel Gallagher — a former member of the band Oasis — felt the need to share his unwarranted opinions.

    In an interview with Daily Star, Gallagher said that Styles was "worthless" and didn't consider him a "real musician" which I say, who asked you?

    Noel Gallagher recording in studio

    His scathing commentary didn't end there! Gallagher decided to add more insults to the injury:

    You're not telling me Harry Styles is currently in a room somewhere writing a song. With any joy, he'll be surrounded by a lot of girls — I can assure you he's not got an acoustic guitar out trying to write a middle eight for something.

    I have several questions that I'd like the former Oasis man to answer. 1) What makes you think he doesn't write his own music? Because he's credited as the lead writer on every single one of his songs.

    2) Same with the guitar — as someone who's had the privilege of seeing Harry Styles perform live, I can attest that he's MORE than capable of writing a "middle eight."

    Harry Styles onstage performing during a concert

    Allow me to direct your attention to Harry's guitar solo in "She":

    View this video on YouTube

    HSHQ / Columbia / Via

    Jump ahead to 3:38 and listen for yourself!!!

    And 3) Who hurt you?

    Harry "Treat People With Kindness" Styles hasn't responded to Noel "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" Gallagher because I can only assume he doesn't need to stoop that low...

    ...and because the Harries have already done it for him.

    I'd have more time for Noel Gallagher shitting on about the importance of writing your own songs if he hadn't lifted one of his most famous compositions from Neil Innes.

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    noel gallagher king of being loud and wrong completely unprovoked

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    @PopCrave Who even is Noel Gallagher to be speaking on anything

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    Love this picture of Adele being driven around by Noel Gallagher

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    I mean, Jade from Little Mix hit the nail on the head with this one:

    Jade on a recent TV appearance

    Noel, take notes from your brother and TPWK!

    @hiitsanni_ I can’t there both fantastic chaps

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