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    There's Nothing I Love More Than Nicholas Braun Starring In Both "Succession" And "Sky High"

    Nicholas Braun is a national treasure.

    This is Nicholas Braun, aka my wholesome, docile, 6'5" king.

    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    Look at that smile.

    I'm not joking. SIX FOOT FIVE INCHES, PPL.

    I bet this comes in handy.

    Nicholas Braun plays Cousin Greg in HBO's hit show Succession. Cousin Greg is, IMO, the second best character.


    First is obviously Shiv.

    What you may or may not know about dear old Cousin Greg is that he was also in a little ole film called Sky High!!

    Buena Vista Pictures

    He played Zach Braun who's power was, I'm not kidding you, "radioactive glow."

    Today I learned cousin Greg from Succession was the glowing kid in Sky High which makes both Sky High and Succession even better

    Status? Side-kick.

    His powers in action.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    That GLOW!

    Whodda thought that Zach-Attack would go glow in Sky High just to shine as Cousin Greg Succession 14 years later.

    Buena Vista Pictures, HBO

    We stan a glow up.

    This has been a PSA.


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