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    I Truly Don't Understand How Andy Chose Nate Over Christian In "The Devil Wears Prada"

    Christian Thompson's smile. Enough said.

    Hello, people of the interwebs, it is I, queen of the pop culture hot take! This edition? The Devil Wears Prada.

    After a recent deep-dive into how amazing Meryl was in TDWP, I was in the mood to rewatch it. And during my rewatch, I noticed something...

    ...and that something was that Christian Thompson is a better match for Andy and Nate can go kick rocks.

    So let's jump right in, hmm?

    For starters, Christian and Andy are both writers, so they have that in common.

    When Andy tells Christian of her writing aspirations, he offers to help her instead of ~writing~ her off.

    Like, Christian is consistently in her corner!

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the court, we got Nate, a man who can't even be appreciative of the gifts his girlfriend swipes for him at work.

    When Andy's phone rings — you know, for her very demanding job — he takes it from her and puts her very job at risk!

    Like, when she's finally coming into her own at her job, instead of supporting her — like Christian does — Nate makes a snide remark.

    See, I'm not making this up! Christian is better! Still don't believe me? Look at how they react to Andy stressing about having to complete a nearly impossible task for work:

    When Andy complains to Nate, expressing that she may have to quit since she doesn't know how to get her hands on the Harry Potter manuscript, Nate is useless.


    Still don't believe me? Look at how Nate and Christian react to Andy's improved wardrobe:

    Nate, the dick:

    Christian, the gentleman:

    Nate constantly criticizes Andy for her choices and how she's coming into her own at Runway while Christian admires that she's leaning into this whole new side of herself:

    Nate, the pretentious prick:

    Christian, the amazing human:

    Also? Nate just said/did some questionable shit during this movie:

    Like when Andy said she was going to stop eating, he commented on the wasted food rather than telling her she didn't need to change her body.

    And this line...always seemed a little sus:

    I couldn't even find pics of Christian saying problematic shit because he's just that perfect.

    Christian's biggest mistake was that he was going to take a job at the new Runway when Jacqueline took over.

    Meanwhile, even when they got back together at the very end, Nate was still insulting her, proving that he learned nothing and had no growth.

    So have fun with cheese boy, Andy. I hope you're happy with your decision, even though it's the wrong one.