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    23 Celebrity Encounters That Are So Pure Because They Are So Ordinary

    Could you imaging working out next to Barack Obama?

    Just a disclaimer: These stories are not verified, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.

    We often see celebrities onscreen for movies, award shows, IG Lives, etc., but also forget that they're humans just like us!

    Recently, Twitter user @MavenofHonor asked her followers to share their completely ordinary encounters with celebs. The beauty is truly in the simplicity:

    Now, more than ever, we should share our most mundane celebrity encounters. For example, in 2002 I saw Diane Keaton in the Gap

    Here are some of the best replies:

    1. Glenn Close:

    @MavenofHonor I saw The Queen Glenn Close standing in line with a smile at a little sandwich shop and I remember thinking: “Now THIS is a wonderful celebrity sighting.”

    2. Barack Obama:

    @MavenofHonor Did cardio next to Barack Obama at hotel gym in NYC when he was running for POTUS In 2008. Told him if he was thinner he would look like Barack Obama just before I noticed the nearby secret service agents.

    3. Ben Affleck:

    @MavenofHonor Was in a cat cafe on a date and in walks Ben Affleck with his kids to the same 70 min sessions with us. He’s my fave Batman and I thought I was having a fever dream. Really nice dude. His little boy kept saying I need a playful cat! So I whispered “cat man”

    4. Magic Johnson:

    @MavenofHonor Also once I saw Magic Johnson at a cold stone creamery.

    5. Robin Williams:

    @MavenofHonor In 2001 I saw Robin Williams walking down the street in San Francisco. He saw me looking at him and gave me a smile. He seemed nervous.

    6. George Lucas:

    @MavenofHonor In 2014, I spotted George Lucas checking out Star Wars books at Barns & Noble. If anyone entered the aisle, he would quickly dash to another one. He moves quickly when avoiding nerds in public.

    7. Snoop Dogg:

    8. Alanis Morissette:

    @MavenofHonor I rode a roller coaster that Alanis Morissette was on.

    9. Adam Sandler:

    @MavenofHonor Adam Sandler dropped a $20 bill in front of me in a movie concession line. I pointed it out and he insisted I was “the dropper.” I didn’t have $20 to my name in 1996 so I graciously accepted the money. Thanks @AdamSandler 💗

    10. Sam Elliott:

    @MavenofHonor Pumped gas next to Sam Elliot that stache is majestic in person.

    11. Ted Danson:

    @MavenofHonor In Boston once, I was walking down Newbury Street and saw Ted Danson approaching from the opposite direction. I said, "Are you Ted Danson," to him and he said, "Yes." I said, "I thought so!" and kept walking.

    12. Jason Bateman:

    @MavenofHonor jason bateman stood stoically next to me in the audience during a black keys concert and we never acknowledged each other

    13. Steve Carell:

    @MavenofHonor I saw Steve Carrel at a grocery store and he was shopping by himself. I said “you look really cute today” and he giggled

    14. Keanu Reeves:

    @MavenofHonor Went to my favorite Ramen Spot in LA & was waiting to be seated & just outta nowhere, randomly sitting there just enjoying his ramen by himself was Keanu Reeves 🤷🏾‍♂️

    15. Sam Waterston:

    @MavenofHonor On a horrible rainy night in 2005, I ran into Sam Waterston in the Food Emporium around the corner from our apt in Midtown Manhattan. He was buying a baguette and a knife.

    16. Cillian Murphy:

    @MavenofHonor Cillian Murphy enjoying airport security just as much as the rest of us at Heathrow. Talked to him while waiting on bags- talented actor and a better person.

    17. Jodie Foster:

    @MavenofHonor Jodie Foster asked me where the Nintendo DS’ were in a Target.

    18. Diane Sawyer:

    @MavenofHonor I had jury duty with Diane Sawyer, she was best dressed!

    19. Peter Gallagher:

    @MavenofHonor I rode the subway once with @petergallagher. It was OC-craze phase, but as a dancer I was thinking “Guys and Dolls and Center Stage OMG!” He was so nice. Talked to me the whole ride. He got a little nervous though when I (coincidentally!!!) got off at the same stop. 😬

    20. Jeff Goldblum:

    @MavenofHonor I once took several spins on a carousel next to Jeff Goldblum. He was on a elephant, I believe, or maybe a camel. It was in Honfleur and was a very whimsical and Goldblummy encounter.

    21. Trent Reznor:

    @MavenofHonor Trent Reznor rollerblading alone in uptown New Orleans (early 00s)

    22. Tony Goldwyn:

    @MavenofHonor I just recently saw Tony Goldwyn studying the ice cream freezers at Whole Foods.

    23. Finally, Meryl Streep:

    @MavenofHonor I still remember seeing Meryl Streep at the Apple Store in SoHo, NYC back in 2009. She waited for her turn like everyone else and the world pretty much stopped while she was in there.