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    18 Alternate Endings To Movies And Shows That, In My Opinion, Would Make Them Better

    "I would like to see it." —Mo'Nique

    I was scrolling through Twitter, as usual, when I came across this trending hashtag: #RewriteATVOrMovieEnding.


    At first I was like, "No WAY can you mess with perfection." But, after reading some of these responses, I wouldn't mind seeing one or two of these get made.

    Here are some of the most interesting replies:

    1. This alternate ending to Cinderella:

    Cinderella realizes it's insane to marry a man she's only known for 3 hours. She enters therapy for the years of abuse she suffered, opens a successful glass shoe factory, and gets to know the Prince, who turns out to be a pretty nice guy after all. #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    2. This alternate ending to Game of Thrones:

    Daenerys Targaryen conquers and KEEPS the throne. Bran being King is NEVER considered #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    3. This alternate ending to Titanic:

    There’s enough room for two people! #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    4. This alternate ending to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1:

    #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding Harry Heals Severus Snape after he gets bit my Nagini and they become close as Severus shares memories of Lily with Harry.

    5. This alternate ending to Grease:

    Sandy realizes she doesn’t need to change herself to be with someone #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    6. This alternate ending to Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back:

    #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding Luke demands a DNA test

    7. This alternate ending to The Green Mile:

    #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding This bloke lives..

    8. This alternate ending to Space Jam:

    #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding The Monstars win.

    9. This alternate ending to Cast Away:

    Tom Hanks delivers the package he held onto for 4 years to the now single woman on her ranch. She exclaims, "my solar powered Satelite phone! Finally!" And she tears it open...Tom Hanks faints. #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    10. This alternate ending to Spider-Man:

    Uncle Ben finally comes back from the gas station. #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    11. This alternate ending to Friends:

    Monica and Chandler stay in the apartment #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    12. This alternate ending to Jaws:

    #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding They get a bigger boat and no one else dies.

    13. This alternate ending to Veronica Mars:

    #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding Logan realizes Veronica has turned into a toxic human and with the support of his therapist, packs up himself and the dog, and leaves with a "frankly my know the rest..."

    14. Or ~this~ alternate ending to Veronica Mars:

    Turns out strong female character actually CAN be in a loving relationship. Logan survives. #VeronicaMars #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    15. This alternate ending to The Wizard of Oz:

    #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding turns out, she was tripping on LSD the whole time

    16. This alternate ending to The Lion King:

    Mufasa Lives on and kicks scars ass!! #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    17. This alternate ending to Dude, Where's My Car:

    They didn’t own a car. #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    18. Finally, this alternate ending to A Star Is Born:

    Jackson Maine gets his life back on track and doesn’t kill him self, Ally fires her asshole manager #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

    What are some movie or television shows that you would like to change the ending to? Let us know in the comments below!

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