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    22 More Male Celebrities Who Give Off Major "Written By Women" Energy


    Not too long ago, I shared a list of male celebrities who give off major ~written by women~ energy. Well, y'all came out in DROVES to share your candidates, so here are a few more men who are the human equivalent of cinnamon rolls.

    1. Ben Barnes:

    2. Jason Sudeikis:

    Jason Sudeikis throwing up a peace sign

    3. Niall Horan:

    4. Jordan Fisher:

    5. Paul Rudd:

    Paul Rudd posing like the stud that he is

    6. Idris Elba:

    7. Milo Ventimiglia:

    8. Zachary Levi:

    9. Hugh Jackman:

    10. Henry Cavill:

    11. Jonathan Majors:

    Jonathan Majors posting in a bar-type event space for The Harder They Fall

    12. Shawn Mendes:

    13. Trevor Noah:

    14. Sebastian Stan:

    15. Hozier:

    16. Sam Heughan:

    17. Rahul Kohli:

    18. Ben Feldman:

    19. Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

    20. Jason Momoa:

    Jason Momoa sneaking up on Henry Cavill

    21. Tom Holland:

    22. Last, but not least, Andrew Garfield:

    Andrew Garfield posing on a red carpet