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Mila Kunis Revealed That Ashton Kutcher Went To The Hospital TWICE Because He Gave Himself Pancreatitis

"He [was] only eating grapes [at one point.]"

Earlier today, Sean Evans blessed us with another episode of Hot Ones. Today's champion? Mila Kunis!

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Now, watch the interview for some fun tidbits about Mila's friendship with Conan O'Brien, her love of the Dodgers, and her foray into NFTs. However, I AM HERE to discuss how Ashton Kutcher gave himself pancreatitis for a role.

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Yes, you read that correctly. 

One of the segments on the show was a "Spousal Fact Check," where Sean followed up with things one spouse brought up in the other spouse's interview. So, he asked Mila about Ashton "giving himself pancreatitis" because he was drinking "too much carrot juice" while preparing to play Steve Jobs in Jobs.

Ashton Kutcher telling a story during a Hot Ones interview
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Jobs was known to be a "fruitarian" — in an effort to help combat his cancer — which is a vegan diet mostly consisting of fruit, nuts, seeds, and grains. 

Almost IMMEDIATELY, Mila said that Ashton was "downplaying it."

Mila Kunis looking flabbergasted during a Hot Ones interview
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Kunis recalled, "He was so dumb. He...only ate grapes at one point...we ended up in the hospital TWICE. With pancreatitis! So, fact check, yes, it was really dumb!" 

The lengths he went through for a role...

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, sitting and posing on a desk
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Be sure to watch the rest of Mila's Hot Ones episodes for more shocking content.

Mila Kunis looking shocked during her Hot Ones interview
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