19 Of The Funniest Tweets About "Midnight Sun" That Even Rosalie Would Laugh At

    "Midnight Sun just gonna be 800 pages of Edward Cullen simping for Bella Swan."

    At the stroke of midnight on Aug. 4, Stephenie Meyer's highly anticipated sequel to everyone's fave vampire series dropped, and fans everywhere — myself included — are stoked about Midnight Sun.

    Now, because it's 2020 and not 2005, we have a little thing called Twitter, which Twihards have flooded with their reactions to the book. Here are some of the funniest ones:


    Actual footage of me sitting at my window and waiting for UPS to deliver my copy of #MidnightSun.




    the fact that edward was planning to kill Bella and like 20 other classmates in this scene and I didn’t know until today after reading his crazy ass plan about breaking all his 20 something classmates’ necks to be able to taste Bella’s blood in midnight sun today had me HOLLERING


    someone asked why midnight sun was like double the size of twilight and someone replied because edward never sleeps skdnsksnskaja i almost cried


    my twilight obsessed ass coming back from my tweens to read midnight sun


    My inner 10 year old is screaming #MidnightSun


    she really went and dedicated a whole book to me huh #MidnightSun


    everyone reading Midnight Sun right now


    i keep catching myself reading midnight sun and gasping, wondering what’s gonna happen next 😒


    i’m reading midnight sun and so far all it’s done is solidify how perfect robert pattinson was in twilight (2008). he was the only one who saw edward for the oblivious melodramatic emo kid with no social skills that he was. and we wouldn’t listen.


    oh my god I forgot that Midnight Sun opens with Edward making an extremely detailed plan to murder twenty kids so he can crack Bella open like a can of Sprite


    edward cullen? haven't heard that name in years


    midnight sun just gonna be 800 pages of edward cullen simping for bella swan



    happy #MidnightSun day, let’s remember the way edward had the nastiest expression when james called bella a SNACK


    You can definitely tell Stephenie wrote midnight sun specifically for long time fans bc there’s basically an entire chapter wholly dedicated to Edward composing Bella’s lullaby which would bore the fuck out of anyone who wasn’t already fond of the series to begin with lmao


    I can't wait to read Midnight Sun and hear Edward describe Bella's ankle length khaki skirt! Yes!

    19. Last, but not least:

    thinking about him on this special day #MidnightSun