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    15 Bonkers Passages Male Authors Wrote About Female Characters That Actually Got Published

    BRB, need to go take a shower now.

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    1. Ah yes, THAT'S how much a woman should weigh.

    actualcatfish / Via

    2. You could have just said she was 12 years old.

    Greenlightxxx / Via

    3. This is from a TEXTBOOK. I upset.

    qiutianbeau / Via

    4. "Bland corn." Hmm. Yeah, OK.

    sarrahh1313 / Via

    5. What an interesting unit of measurement.

    mistermeowgi11 / Via

    6. Vomit. That's what's in my mouth right now.

    KatouMikan / Via

    7. Whoever wrote this needs to take an anatomy class.

    dotdotdotaway / Via

    8. It's not "normal" for women to be angry, but I'm sure as hell angry that someone wrote this!

    stonewall00 / Via

    9. What is this fascination with women's WEIGHT?

    DancingInMyBlood / Via

    10. "Curl myself around the heat of your seed" is something I can now never unread.

    That actually sounds really uncomfortable #menwritingwomen (from Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz, 1985)

    11. Some people see a miracle of life, and some men see something...very different.

    cheribella / Via

    12. My boobs, too, bounce at even the slightest movement.

    If you ever judge your own writing harshly please remember that this book is in the top 100 classics on Amazon almost 50 years after publication AND it spawned a movie with Daniel Day-Lewis in 1988 #menwritingwomen

    13. Bring in the silencers: THE BOSOMS!!!!

    Bashfulapplesnapple / Via

    14. Let's play a game called spot the difference!

    youtyrannus / Via

    15. Ah, yes, I know what it's like to have "hot moist glitter" in your eyes.

    What’s a “deliberately ugly” posture? Do breasts really “thrust” while you’re just standing there and wtf does it mean for them to be “at the same time sharp and tender?” Plus, her eyes are bruises. Wow, Ross MacDonald. The Galton Case. #menwritingwomen

    H/T: r/menwritingwomen.

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