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    Here Are 19 Men Who Clearly Do Not Know A) A Woman's Worth, B) A Woman's Anatomy, And C) A Woman In General

    Lock 'em all up!

    1. I hate to break it to the man who wrote this, but this is not how ovulation works:

    Text about a man being able to visibly notice a woman's sperm-filled uterus.
    u/ChemicallyLoved / Via

    2. Show me a woman who describes their vagina in this fashion and I'll show you a liar:

    Text about a woman describing her vagina using the words "pink," "wet," and "gills."
    u/shallowblue / Via

    3. AKA the Goldilocks of breasts:

    Text about "perfect" size breasts — not too big and not too small.
    u/jakebrush1 / Via


    Text about a man describing an older woman’s scent being similar to sage.
    u/3rdRockFromYourMom / Via

    5. Fuck Love in the Time of Cholera:

    Text about a rape victim asking about the whereabouts of her rapist.
    u/beaa88 / Via

    6. This author can teach a master class in negging:

    Text about a man describing a "pretty" woman with negative descriptors.
    u/lois-lea / Via

    7. It is so possible...not to notice/comment on the feet of this woman...who's lying in the floor dead:

    Text about a man describing the pretty feet of a female corpse.
    u/mobfamous / Via

    8. Not only is this could benefit from some editing:

    Text about a man describing the sexuality of a woman in a creepy way.
    u/baxter001 / Via

    9. "A neckline that would baffle a giraffe." Y'all, I cannot make this up:

    Text about a woman wearing clothing that's been deemed too revealing.
    u/CrystalMethEnema / Via

    10. Take a shot every time the narrator talks about Sonja's ass:

    Text about a man unable to stop thinking about his colleague, Sonja's, ass.
    u/Murder_Grey / Via

    11. They almost had me in the first half:

    Text about a man describing the appearance of a woman — comparing her to Virgin Mary and inorganic material.
    u/Already_Salted / Via

    12. "She managed to be well-proportioned without being in any way a hazard or a public nuisance." I----OK.

    Text about a pretty woman who wasn't a "public nuisance."
    u/the_single_entendre / Via

    13. Arrest this man:

    Text about an older man sexually describing a younger woman.
    u/GrumpySphinx / Via

    14. Maybe if YOU were more know what, not even gonna dignify this with an insult:

    Text abut a man thinking if this woman was more "amiable" she'd appear prettier.
    u/GungleBum / Via

    15. Apparently, the only thing women are good for is making babies, according to Kurt Vonnegut:

    Text about a woman who's made men want to "fill her up with babies."
    u/Kvanantw / Via

    16. Pure...childish...nipples. I want to yeet this from society:

    Text about a man describing a woman's breasts as having "childish nipples."
    u/jazzluvr87 / Via

    17. A big and sincere fuck you to Stephen King for implying that a BATTERED WOMAN is the reason why a man would rape and murder other women:

    Text about a battered woman being compared to a "limp and silent dishrag."
    u/love-that-for-you / Via

    18. We got a two-pher with this one: gross AND racist:

    Text about "WASP-y" beauty being the superior beauty.
    u/joethepino / Via

    19. Fuck this shit, I'm out:

    Text about men knowing battlefields like women know their mother's recipes.
    u/GungleBum / Via

    H/T to r/menwritingwomen

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