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    Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are Stepping Away From The Royal Family And The Internet Has Thoughts

    "Good for her." —Me and Lucille Bluth

    Moments ago, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are going to "step back" as "senior" members of the Royal Family in order to focus on their family and charity work.

    My reaction to this news:

    Meghan has faced much scrutiny from the British tabloids over the past few years, which she admitted has been challenging. So I, as a stan of Meghan's pre-royalty, am over the moon that she's no longer going to be a part of all this.

    The internet is, more or less, having a field day with this news. Here are the best reactions:


    meghan markle said y'all don't own me


    Cast Meghan in the next season of SUCCESSION


    Can't wait for season 6 of The Crown, in which Meghan could play herself.


    Meghan overthrew the monarchy in less than 2 years, nothing but respect for my independent Queen of England


    Lol, so I guess Meghan and Harry just said a very polite "fuck you" to everyone. Personally very into it.


    Harry and Meghan really said....“YOU KNOW WHAT?!”


    Meghan & Harry to the Royal Family:


    proud of meghan markle for yoko ono-ing the royal family


    I'm here for #Megxit tho. Get out of there alive Meghan!


    Harry & Meghan writing that IG post like


    a sitcom where Meghan teaches Harry how to do workforce things such as using Turbotax & meal prepping & filling out a W-1, please


    Prince Harry and and Meghan really said fuck the racist British press, racist public and that racist, colonial, outdated Monarchy. You can keep your tax payer money.


    Harry and Meghan are resigning to spend less time with their family.


    Harry and Meghan are resigning from their family to spend more time with their jobs


    my 2020 mood is “stop doing stuff that’s not working,” and Meghan Markle is its patron saint


    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said they’re stepping back as senior members of the royal family, working to become financially independent. Prince Harry stepping away from his toxic family and racist british media so him and Meghan can live happily ever after. Love that.


    @MarkDiStef Harry loved his mother and he loves his wife. Getting Meghan out of the direct line of fire and fodder of British tabloids is what a loving husband would do. Wishing them nothing but happiness.


    For all y’all who thought Harry wasn’t about that life when it comes to leaving and picking Meghan and his child over that trash ass institution:


    the black delegation welcoming meghan home



    writers for The Crown vs. writers for Suits


    meghan markle in 2027 when she wins an emmy for playing herself in the crown season 8 episode about today


    Prince Harry watched the press attack his pregnant wife, watched people vilify her, watched the UK press racially attack Meghan nearly everyday to uplift his older brother’s wife. And the RF did nothing. He’s decided, if the royal family isn’t helping him, then enough is enough

    We don't know what's in store for Meghan and Harry, but I'll be there with bells and whistles no matter what it is!