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14 Moments When Demi Lovato Absolutely Deserved Better

Can this woman promote her music and not rehash her past traumas?

1. When Simon Cowell called Demi "annoying" to many outlets and then Conan O'Brien brought it up on air:

Conan O'Brian interviewing Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato

2. When an interviewer told Demi live on air that he told his wife that he had a crush on her:

Demi Lovato and Kelly Rowland being interviewed by a Fox 5 anchor

The interviewer later went on to comment, "I tweeted you last season and you didn't tweet me back."

3. When Kiss 108 hosts asked Demi if Joe Jonas was so awesome then why did she dump him, and she responded: "Oh, I didn't. He dumped me."

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato posting at a press event
Kevin Mazur / WireImage

They then asked if he dumped her in person or via text and she pivoted the interview to talk about her album.

4. When the internet forced Demi Lovato off of Twitter after saying that she enjoyed the 21 Savage memes:

Screenshot from Demi's instagram

Bebe Rexha went on Twitter and said all the people bullying Demi Lovato/bringing up her past overdoses in response to her laughing at the 21 Savage meme were "fucking disgusting" because "attacking someone that is 6 months sober about her personal issues with drugs and mental health over a tweet is LOW."

5. When Demi's Snapchat got hacked and her nudes were leaked to the internet:

6. When an interviewer criticized her for not opening up about her sexuality during an interview:

@noahmichelson Expectant and rude. Watch my documentary and chill out.

She later went on to tweet, "Just because [I] refuse to label myself for the sake of a headline doesn't mean I'm not going to stand up for what I believe in."

7. When Demi had to leave Sonny With a Chance for mental and physical health reasons:

Disney Channel

During her time on the show, Demi said she had an eating disorder, was self-harming, felt like she was over-worked, and, sadly, felt like no one cared about her struggle.

8. When TMZ leaked the 911 call from the night Demi overdosed back in 2018:

View this video on YouTube

9. When the hosts of The Edge asked Demi if she's ever worked with DJ Khaled when she was on their show to promote her song with him:

Radio hosts of The Edge interviewing Demi Lovato
The Edge

This was after the hosts hounded her about sliding into people's DMs and how her song doesn't "bang on" in other languages.

10. When a radio host kept asking Demi about her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama when she was there to promote her music:

A radio host interviewing Demi

This was back in 2013 when Demi didn't openly talk about her controversial relationship with Wilmer.

11. When an on-air personality said she preferred performances that featured "choreography and outfits" after Demi said she preferred more vocal-based performances — which, if you're a fan of Demi's, you know is more aligned with her performance style:

Demi Lovato getting interviewed on a red carpet
WiLD 94.9

12. When a paparazzo told Demi to "keep her nose clean" on her way into court:

Demi Lovato flipping off the media / paparazzi

13. When Perez Hilton uploaded this compilation of Demi's ex-fiancé, Max Ehrlich, obsessing over Selena Gomez:

Is #DemiLovato gonna claim this is Photoshopped too?😹 @DDlovato’s fiancée, #MaxEhrich, talking about his love for #SelenaGomez. Over and over again. 😝Get my new memoir! Order “TMI: My Life In Scandal” from your favorite indie bookstores or directly at

In case you forgot, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are former BFFs.

14. Lastly, when Slim from Mojo in the Morning asked Demi why she didn't go out and rage at 21, and she responded with, "Well, rehab and alcoholics anonymous":

Slim interviewing Demi Lovato
Mojo in the Morning

All in all, stream "What Other People Say" and watch Demi: Dancing with the Devil on March 16 for clear skin and good health.

Correction: This article has been updated. Also, an earlier version of this article credited WiLD 94.9 as Wild94.5. That has since been corrected.

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