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    Mark Ruffalo Has A New Kitten Named Biscotti And I Cannot, And Will Not, Get Over It


    It's no secret to anyone that I friggin' LOVE Mark Ruffalo. He is the purest form of human.

    As a result of my completely healthy obsession with Marcus, I follow him on all social media platforms, which is how I came across this video:

    Spending quality time with one of my new friends, Biscotti 🐱

    That and several of my friends and coworkers sent me this tweet because they are aware of my aforementioned obsession.

    Everyone, meet Biscotti Ruffalo:

    @markruffalo / Via Twitter: @MarkRuffalo

    "Hi, Biscotti."

    Like, would you look at that FACE!

    @markruffalo / Via Twitter: @MarkRuffalo

    I just wanna boop his/her/their little nose.

    BBC One

    IDK what's cuter, Biscotti running around Mark's living room or Mark's little laugh at the end because he's overcome with giddiness from lil' B running around his living room:

    @markruffalo / Via Twitter: @MarkRuffalo

    You can HEAR his giggle in this photo.

    So yeah. That's the post. Enjoy this video of Mark and Biscotti Ruffalo one more time, just for the heck of it:

    Spending quality time with one of my new friends, Biscotti 🐱

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