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Maisie Williams' Roommate Just Tweeted The Most Relatable Thing About Living With Her As A "GoT" Fan

A boy avoids no spoilers.

If you're a Game of Thrones fanatic like me and most of the world, Sundays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. are about watching the blessed show and avoiding spoilers like the plague.


Actual footage of me avoiding spoilers for Game of Thrones every week:

Warner Bros.

So, when I saw this tweet from Bill Milner, roommate of Maisie Williams, my heart truly went out to the boy.

You all think it’s hard avoiding #GameofThrones spoilers? Try living with Arya. I’m dodging them in my own goddamn kitchen.

Like, I didn't even THINK about how hard it would be to avoid spoilers if you live with a cast member. ESPECIALLY if you're a fan of the show.


People were saying that Bill had a few ~other~ things besides spoilers he should be worried about while living with Maisie:

@Bill_Milner @Maisie_Williams You should be more worried at the speed Arya comes flying out of the dark @Bill_Milner @Maisie_Williams #Gameofthrones

@Bill_Milner Little advice : Don't let her play with a knife.

@Bill_Milner @Maisie_Williams Hahaha! Check to see if she has that Verian Steel dagger, then you should be really worried! #AryaStark

All jokes aside, though, never again will I complain about GoT spoilers. If Bill can avoid them when they're UNDER HIS ROOF, I can find the strength to stay off Twitter until I finish the week's episode.


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