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    Travis Barker's Reaction To MGK Telling Him He Changed Their Album Name After They Got It Tattooed Is Sending Me

    "No ragrets."

    There may very well be a chance that you've never heard the name Machine Gun Kelly in your entire life or know that he's a popular musician! Whether you're a fan of his work or can't tell the difference between him and that Hilary Duff movie, one thing we can all agree on is that he has a lot of tattoos:

    The same can be said about Travis Barker:

    Well, these two men are about to release their second album together! Their first was Tickets to My Downfall, which *I* believe is a pop-punk masterpiece.

    And their second album collab is* Born with Horns, which they commemorated with matching tattoos:

    I'm sorry, did I say "is"? Because I meant WAS!

    Yup, in a recent Instagram post, MGK revealed to Travis Barker — and all their followers — that the name of their upcoming album *was* Born with Horns but he changed it to Mainstream Sellout:

    @machinegunkelly / Via

    And all Travis could do was laugh:

    Travis Barker and MGK laughing on a couch

    Excited for the upcoming album and to see if they get an updated tattoo to reflect the new title!