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    Here Are 29 Examples Of "Movie Magic" That Grind My Gears


    We all love movies! ~However~, we can all agree that there are things that happen in movies that are unrealistic AF.

    Well, recently, Reddit user CodeBrode asked, "What are some examples of 'Movie Logic' that don't work in real life?" and these responses will give the you validation that you NEED!

    Here are a few of the biggest lies movies have told us:

    1. This "cover me" lie:

    "People who work in retail or as a waiter/waitress just saying 'cover me' to their co-worker and leaving in the middle of a shift to go take care of a personal matter, catch a murderer, etc. You can't just tell a waitress to cover twice as many tables like that. It won't work. And you won't work either, 'cause you'll get fired."


    2. This lie about hiding:

    3. This post-coitus lie:

    "When a woman gets out of bed after sex and pulls the ENTIRE sheet off the bed to wrap around herself."


    4. This lie about helicopters:

    5. This car chase lie:

    "When the good guy follows the bad guy in a car and the bad guy never notices, even though they're the only two cars in the road."


    6. This lie about a car's capabilities:

    7. This lie about final stand-offs:

    "In that scene where the good guy gets completely surrounded by bad guys with guns. I understand the principle, but if those guys actually opened fire, they'd just end up shooting each other in the face. Fields of fire, people!"


    8. This lie about how living works:

    9. This lie about being in retirement:

    "Trying to convince a retired guy to do 'one more job.'"


    10. This lie about garage bands:

    11. This lie about how plans work:

    "'Did you want to go to dinner tomorrow?'

    'Sure. I’ll see you then.'

    SEE YOU WHEN?!?!?!?"


    12. This lie about space helmets:

    13. This lie about tuning into the news:

    "Turning on the news/radio at the most convenient time for the plot."


    14. This lie about catching flights:

    15. This lie about computers:

    "Shooting a monitor to destroy a computer's hard drive."


    16. This lie about jumping out of a window:

    17. This lie about guns:

    "The gun that never runs out of bullets."


    18. This lie about romantic gestures:

    19. This lie about parking:

    "Finding an easy parking spot next to the building you're going into, usually out in front."


    20. This lie about being underwater:

    21. This lie about breakfast:

    "When the wife in the movie prepares a massive breakfast spread every morning and the husband just grabs coffee and takes one bite of bacon before heading out the door."


    22. This lie about high school:

    23. This lie about police work:

    "Police have to account for every bullet fired. The sheer amount of paperwork behind the scenes in most crime and police thriller movies would be unreal."


    24. This lie about TKOs:

    25. This lie about giving birth:

    "Giving birth to super clean babies that look several months old, and there's no after-birth."


    26. This lie about glowing up:

    27. This lie about cost of living:

    "People in entry-level positions having nice, spacious, roommate-free apartments in places like NYC."


    28. This lie about crowds:

    29. And, lastly, this lie about Paris:

    What are some examples of "movie magic" that grate your nerves? Let us know in the comments below!