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    37 Hilarious Tweets About "Legally Blonde" That Even Warner "No Job Prospects" Huntington III Would Laugh At

    In all seriousness, when is Enrique getting arrested for perjuring himself on the stand?

    On this very day, two decades ago, Legally Blonde premiered and changed our legal system for years to come:

    Omigod you guys ….#LegallyBlonde premiered 20 years ago TODAY! Time flies when you're busy using legal jargon in your every day life. 😆

    PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @ReeseW

    So, to celebrate, here's a collection of jokes and memes almost as iconic as the bend and snap:


    how many times i've seen LEGALLY BLONDE

    Twitter: @NetflixFilm


    shoutout to the gays who 20 years ago this week saw legally blonde in theaters and went home and downloaded hoku's "perfect day" on limewire

    Twitter: @davidmackau


    Watching Legally Blonde and Clueless is a gateway to becoming a bad bitch whose sweet and accepting towards everyone.

    Twitter: @princessirl8


    wanna feel old? this is warner from legally blonde now

    Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images / Twitter: @jillboard


    the worst part about legally blonde is that Warner isn’t even hot

    Twitter: @csydelko


    the Legally Blonde outro of “Warner graduated without honors, without a girlfriend and without any job offers” is what made me a feminist send tweet

    Twitter: @kellannpow


    Legally Blonde has a tighter script than all Coen Brothers movies combined

    Twitter: @lucytoddlincoln


    Them: are you ok? Me: *is thinking about how they show a box of hair dye on Elle Woods’ dresser in the first 5 minutes of Legally Blonde but you KNOW she would NEVER use box dye* Yeah I’m fine! Just tired!

    Twitter: @elizardd


    Millennials don’t get enough credit for learning every line from Legally Blonde at age 14 and then every line from Legally Blonde the Musical at age 20

    Twitter: @MarcSnetiker


    legally blonde is about being discriminated against for being too hot, and that's why I relate to it

    Twitter: @jestom


    legally blonde is NOT a chick flick it is an hour and a half long manifesto of willpower, intelligence and defeating a sexist patriarchal mindset and that is why I watch it before my exams every year

    Twitter: @fleetwood__max


    LADIES imagine this: you’re president of your sorority, Delta Nu. You have a 4.0 in fashion merchandising. Your boyfriend breaks up with you and goes to Harvard law. You get a 179 on the LSAT and follow him to Harvard, only to realize men are trash. You’re Legally Blonde.

    Twitter: @madsbarr


    Going into this semester with Elle Woods attitude after Warner told her she wasn’t smart enough for law school

    Twitter: @ColIegeStudent


    Elle Woods after bending

    Twitter: @feistyfrank


    Elle Woods is such a perfect example of a gemini….everyone underestimated her but she KNEW what she was doing

    Twitter: @geminitingzzzz


    if Elle Woods can make it through Harvard Law School watching her ex’s fiancé flaunt a ring the whole time THEN YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH ANYTHING

    Twitter: @SoooSami


    If the plot of Legally Blonde 3 isn’t about Elle Woods getting Britney Spears out of her conservatorship, I will throw a fit.

    Twitter: @roscoegato


    the opening scene of legally blonde lives in my head rent free

    Twitter: @PRADAESQUE


    ted lasso legally blonde 🤝 presenting basic human decency & kindness as radical forces for positive communal change

    Twitter: @AlixEHarrow


    Vivian's redemption arc in Legally Blonde is GREAT FILM

    Twitter: @itsginnydi


    The least realistic thing in Legally Blonde is that Elle looks just as good day 1 of law school as she does at graduation

    Twitter: @2020LawGrad


    me stealing an Oscar to give to Reese Witherspoon for Legally Blonde

    Twitter: @feistyfrank


    Is there a dating app only for people who understand the cultural significance of Legally Blonde

    Twitter: @AndrewRestieri


    Everyone talks about Elle Woods from Legally Blonde but I have y’all met Alex Cabot from Law and Order: SVU 🤩🤩

    Allstar Picture Library Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @bonanzabih


    Fun fact: Harvard is not a real school and it only exists in the Legally Blonde cinematic universe

    Twitter: @btchrising


    THE SOCIAL NETWORK starts in fall 2003 and Elle Woods is Harvard Law class of 2004 in LEGALLY BLONDE. This means Elle Woods and Mark Zuckerberg were at Harvard at the same time. In this essay, I -

    Twitter: @emmylanepotter


    The moment where Paulette says “thank you” to Elle in the car after getting her dog back should have won Jennifer Coolidge every major acting award

    Twitter: @KevinJZak


    Now we know exactly how WARNER got into @Harvard_Law #legallyblonde #collegeadmissionsscandal

    Twitter: @Curvygal


    Legally Blonde 🤝 Ace Attorney Media which came out in 2001 involving someone becoming a lawyer for a guy who is a jerk but then finding out they're very talented at being an unconventional lawyer and in a better universe than this one it was gay

    Twitter: @rivalsforlife


    Nothing has ever motivated me more than this. #LegallyBlonde

    MGM / courtesy Everett Collection / Twitter: @FFL_of_America


    Legally Blonde is the most effective Mac vs PC commercial Apple ever made.

    Twitter: @HieuMinh


    Legally Blonde epilogue: “Emmett is proposing to Elle........tonight.” Me, aged 10 to this DAY:

    Twitter: @offbeatorbit


    Elle Woods when she’s in line to buy a MacBook while dressed as a sexy bunny.

    Twitter: @SAMGREIS


    “Perfect day” was used for the film Legally Blonde and “another dumb blonde” was used for the film Snow Day — lesser artists would have done it the other way around — Hoku subverts — Hoku the iconoclast !!!!!!!

    Twitter: @nwalks


    Everyone's talking about X Æ A-12 but I'm still hung up over how there was a character named Chutney in legally blonde

    Twitter: @Deeqsha_


    Just so everyone knows, my crush from legally blonde is the character David Kidney.

    Twitter: @_ErinTanner

    37. In conclusion:

    twenty years later we are still talking about the cinematic masterpiece legally blonde and i think that's beautiful