TMZ Said Kylie And Travis Were In An Open Relationship And Kylie Was Like, "Actually, TMZ, That's Not True"

    "You guys really just make up anything."

    Hello, hello! Welcome to another installment of ~me unwittingly keeping up with the Kardashians~. Today's news revolves around Kylie Jenner.

    Yesterday, TMZ — and a few other outlets including Daily Mail — reported that Kylie and Travis Scott were back together but in an open relationship:

    Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Back Together, But Not Exclusively

    Twitter: @TMZ

    Well, not too long ago, Kylie pulled a Dakota Johnson and called BS:

    you guys really just make up anything.

    She also called out TMZ in a separate tweet.

    "You guys really just make up anything."

    Dakota Johnson being interviewed by Ellen

    She then went on to say that she has nothing against open relationships — just, you know, lies:

    i’m not discrediting anyone who is in an open relationship but it’s just careless and disrespectful to throw this narrative out there without knowing what’s true.

    Twitter: @KylieJenner

    I will say — I'm not entirely sure if this means that they're not back together or that they are back together, but in a closed relationship...

    ...however, until it comes from Kylie or Travis or Kris's mouth, don't believe everything you read!

    Kris Jenner looking at a laptop