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    Joey King Made A Funny Joke About How The Cast Of "KB3" Actually All Hate Each Other

    The end of an era...

    Earlier this month, Netflix released the third and — cries — final installment of The Kissing Booth, and tween girls everywhere closed the door on an epic saga:

    So, to celebrate the epic conclusion, we were joined — via Zoom — by Joey King, Joel Courtney, and Meganne Young for a game of Who's Who?

    The stars of "The Kissing Booth" during their Zoom interview

    So, watch the video below to find out some fun tidbits about our fave Netflix stars!

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    For example: Joey King is the one most likely to be caught napping between takes!

    Joel Courtney is most like his character!

    And *shocker* Trent Rowe — whose character is shy and nerdy — is actually a badass with a huge lion tattoo!

    Want more of Joey, Joel, and Meganne? Well, you can catch them one last time in The Kissing Booth 3, now streaming on Netflix!