21 Funny And Heartfelt Reactions To Kim Kardashian Filing For Divorce From Kanye West

    "The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder."

    Girls, gays, allies, and theys, it's officially official: Kimye is no more. Earlier today, it was reported that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West after nearly seven years of marriage.

    So, naturally, the internet had to weigh in, and I'd be lying if I said some of these didn't make me chuckle:

    Meme of Kris Jenner looking at her desktop computer

    So here are some of the funniest and truest tweets about the end of the era that is Kimye:


    if kim can be single so can we ladies

    Twitter: @tanamongeau


    Pro athletes and rappers going to DM Kim Kardashian after she filed for divorce from Kanye West

    Twitter: @UptownDCRich


    The way Kim rode out for that man defending his honour at every turn. Now she can rest

    Twitter: @BeeBabs


    Kanye on his way to make an album after his divorce with Kim Kardashian

    Twitter: @__memedealer__


    Literally no one: Me processing Kim and Kanye’s divorce:

    Twitter: @SaintHoax


    Photo of Ted Cruz calling Kris Jenner to thank her for leaking that Kim and Kanye divorce news to the media to take the attention off of him for a few days.

    Twitter: @Oh_Katie_Babie


    Kim Kardashian dropping the divorce papers ahead of final season

    Twitter: @rebecca99648801


    Kris Jenner after leaking Kim and Kanye’s divorce to TMZ

    Twitter: @MattW2001


    Kanye's next album is about to go crazy https://t.co/p1dLddKXrq

    Twitter: @Troydan


    Kim and Kanye are divorcing?! *pretends to be shocked*

    Twitter: @Lay_Coleee


    Kanye bumping this song in his mansion rn

    Twitter: @All_Cake88


    At least Kim and Kanye won’t have to fight over furnishings and art work.

    Twitter: @MissSchliez


    This is the real reason Kim and Kanye are getting a divorce

    Twitter: @hxsvx7


    don’t look at me I’m irrationally crying over kim and Kanye’s divorce

    Twitter: @pseudeauriche


    so kim and kanye really getting divorced..... i don't care but its still affecting me in some way... it doesn't even make sense

    Twitter: @virgogworl


    Me to my boss: Kim filed for divorce from Kanye so I'm taking the rest of the day

    Twitter: @betchesluvthis


    It’s really happening. Kim and Kanye are getting a divorce.

    Twitter: @holymolymemes


    When you realise the Kimye divorce rumours aren’t rumours

    Twitter: @isawitfirst


    kimye divorce news is so weird because we saw it coming but at the same time, i really thought they would last

    Twitter: @kescapism


    With all of the horrible news we’ve already had to endure this year, now we learn that Kim and Kanye are getting a divorce. How can we possibly endure any more bad news?

    Twitter: @Talkmaster

    21. In conclusion:

    Alright, get your Kanye and Kim tweets filled with projection out the way so we can move on.