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Kellyanne Conway Is Under Investigation For Sharing Nudes Of Claudia Conway — Here's What You Need To Know

"We will not be dealing with this on social media anymore."

This is Claudia Conway.

She is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to Donald Trump and well-known conservative pundit. Claudia gained popularity after confirming her mother was Kellyanne Conway in the "bulletproof" TikTok challenge.

Screenshot from Claudia's TikTok making the "peace" sign gesture

Since then, she hasn't shied away from sharing her own social and political views on the app, which do not align with her mother's.

Screenshot from Claudia's TikTok of Claudia with her eyes closed

And she has also regularly criticized her mother's views on her account.

Screenshot from Claudia's TikTok of Claudia staring at the camera with her mouth open as if in disbelief

Claudia and her mother are currently trending because Kellyanne allegedly shared a nude photo of her daughter — who is 16 — to her public Twitter account.

Screenshot from Claudia's TikTok showing Kellyanne sitting at a table in a T-shirt and shorts and Claudia standing behind her

Claudia has previously accused her mother of abuse — emotional, verbal, and physical — in her videos, both directly and indirectly.

Screenshot from Claudia's TikTok showing Claudia look off to the side with a questioning look on her face

Yesterday, things escalated when Kellyanne Conway allegedly shared a fleet that was a nude photo of her teenage daughter:

Claudia Conway after finding out from her TikTok followers that this photo was circulating on Twitter, part two:

Claudia found out about the fleet from her TikTok followers.

Soon after this news broke, YouTuber Tana Mongeau IG-lived a call with Claudia, which recorded Kellyanne calling her "mentally ill" and "an addict":

in this clip kellyanne calls claudia an addict because she uses her phone, and threatens to put her in an ambulance for it. @tanamongeau then explains names kellyanne called claudia earlier in the call. #justiceforclaudia

Twitter: @Jillischill_

Eighteen minutes into the call, it sounds like a police officer arrives at the Conway house and the video ends.

Not too long after Tana shared the clip, the hashtag #JusticeForClaudia began trending.

she fully called her every mean thing you ever could. name etc. broke my heart. truly hopes she knows she’s none of that #justiceforclaudia https://t.co/SkK73MNpvx

Twitter: @tanamongeau

Distributing child pornography and revenge porn, oh boy. I sincerely hope they charge her. #justiceforclaudia https://t.co/ZPvGwQaqdS

Twitter: @dolljudgment218

A lot of folks on here are claiming Claudia Conway "provokes" her mother. Kellyanne is the parent. If your response to your children "provoking" you is verbal and other abuse, someone needs to intervene in that relationship to protect the child. That applies to everyone.

Twitter: @VABVOX

Nearly 12 hours after the initial video that Tana shared, Claudia posted a series of videos on TikTok to address the situation.

Screenshot of Claudia from Claudia's TikTok

While many followers commented that the teen taking time away from social media to "work on her relationship" with Kellyanne and the rest of her family felt "forced," Claudia has responded and implied that the choice was her own.

Screenshot from Claudia's TikTok comments in which Claudia says "i am taking back what said for my mental health and the well being of my family"

"Please stop calling authorities because it only hurts us...we're going to handle this privately," Claudia said in the most recent video.

Hi, guys. I just wanted to come on here and address the situation. This isn’t forced, this is coming completely from me, Claudia. I have faith and I know that my mother would never put something like that on the internet. My mother and I, we fight like mothers and daughters, but we also love like mothers and daughters, and I do love her. I will be taking a break from social media because we are really tired of being headlines….[and] being in the public eye exacerbates [the stress on our relationshio] greatly...I don't want any drama…so I will be leaving social media for a bit to work on my relationship with my mother and my family. Please don't incite hate or violence. No threats, no calls to the authorities.

Neither Claudia nor Kellyanne have made any public statements since the latest videos were posted, but according to the New York Post, the police have officially launched an investigation into Kellyanne as of this afternoon.