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While Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Are Having Ice Cream In Rite Aid, Kanye West Is Dropping Diss Tracks

This one could have stayed in the drafts, IMO.

By now, you may know that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are an ~item~.

Not long after the couple went public, Kanye West reportedly purchased a house across the street from Kim Kardashian:

Kanye West Buys House Across Street From Kim Kardashian https://t.co/ZGXL8C3ynw

Twitter: @TMZ

It's giving The Great Gatsby...

And not long after that, Kanye West and Uncut Gems' Julia Fox went public with their budding romance:

Kanye West and Julia Fox exit a car

So, seems like everyone's moving on, right?

Dakota Johnson sitting down for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres with a look on her face that says "right?"

Well, last night, Kanye West announced his latest single, "My Life Was Never Eazy," ahead of his highly anticipated album, Donda 2:

While the single hasn't been officially released, one of the lyrics is making the rounds: "God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass."

Kanye West is seen in Chelsea on January 05, 2022 in New York City

Now, I KNOW this isn't the first time — or the last — that an artist is going to air their dirty laundry in music form. However, given the optics around Kanye West, especially in regards to his feelings about Kim and Pete, I don't think it's a stretch for me to say that this is a bad look.

I *personally* think Kanye should take a page out of the Kim playbook and focus on his relationship with Julia Fox instead of her relationship with Pete Davidson, but hey, what do I know?