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    Jxdn Read Some X-Rated Tweets, And Now I Am Unwell

    "'I'm a slut for Jxdn's black hair.' That has a good ring to it."

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    This blue-eyed tatted boi is none other than Jxdn — TikTok star, musician, and the object of many simps' affection:

    So, who better than him to be the first to join us BACK IN THE THIRSTY STUDIO to read and react to the internet's X-rated tweets?

    Elektra Records

    Please, and kindly, enjoy:

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    BuzzFeed Celeb / Via

    You will have not a single regret.

    jxdn reacting to thirst tweets
    BuzzFeed Celeb / Via

    Also, be sure to check out Jxdn's debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, available now!

    Album cover for "Tell Me About Tomorrow"
    Elektra Records

    I personally am a fan of "Wanna Be," featuring Machine Gun Kelly. 

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