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    Updated on Aug 28, 2020. Posted on Aug 26, 2020

    Netflix Just Dropped The Trailer For "Julie And The Phantoms" And I'm Already Obsessed

    Kenny Ortega DOES NOT MISS.

    As a younger millennial, the name Kenny Ortega is BIBLE in my household: High School Musical, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Descendants, The Cheetah Girls 2...the man KNOWS HIS MUSICAL CONTENT. So, when I saw that he's releasing a new musical teen show on Netflix, Julie and the Phantoms, I just knew that this show was going to be a ~hit~.

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    The series follows the titular Julie after the recent death of her mother. She's struggling to reconnect with her love of music — that is, until...



    Reggie, Luke, and Alex mysteriously apparating into Julie's garage.

    The on-the-rise '90s band Sunset Curve — Luke, Reggie, and Alex — died mysteriously before their big break. But now they're back as ghosts that only Julie can see...

    Reggie, Luke, and Alex looking at Julie like SHE'S the ghost.

    ...until they become a band — aka Julie and the Phantoms — then everyone can see them! It's almost like the power of their music transcends physics...

    Julie, Luke Alex, and Reggie performing for Flynn in their garage.

    ...but things aren't all fine and dandy in Tinseltown. The mysterious Cheyenne Jackson is threatening the boys to "accept his offer" or else bad things will happen. But the boys wanna stay with Julie!

    Caleb filing his nails with a menacing expression on his face.

    Decisions decisions.

    It's Netflix, folks, so we're in store for some Premium Teen Content™:

    We got ~romance~:

    Luke and Julie looking into each other's eyes.

    Talk about ~paranormal activity~, amirite?

    We got boppin' songs:

    Julie and her phantoms standing for their ovation.

    "Unsaid Emily," "Edge of Great," "Flying Solo"...IDK if I'm more excited for the show or the soundtrack!

    And Booboo Stewart!

    Willie looking forlorn.

    Petition to cast Booboo in any and all things.

    This is must-stream television, folks! Don't be on the wrong side of history. Be sure to catch Julie and the Phantoms on Sept. 10, only on Netflix.

    Promotional poster for "Julie and The Phantoms."

    Also, the soundtrack will be available to stream on Sept. 10 — which is a good thing, because you won't be able to get these songs out of your head. Luckily for you, "Edge of Great" is available now!

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    As for the rest of the album, I wait with bated breath.

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