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    Sophie, Priyanka, And Danielle GAVE US MORE In The "Sucker" Director's Cut, And I Am Grateful

    My prayers have been answered.

    PEOPLE. Last week, The Jonas Brothers blessed us with the music video for their new single "Sucker." IMO, Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, and Danielle Jonas stole the damn show.

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    WELL, we wanted more, and guess what? WE GOT IT! Last night, the director's cut of the music video was released. I've since watched it 17 times.

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    While the O.G. music video is still amazing, the director's cut gave us some quality, never-before-seen content.

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    Like, am I team Kevin now?

    For STARTERS, we got this cute opening shot of the Jonas-hoard driving up to the gates of the castle.

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    Fun fact, this is the same castle where they filmed The Favourite!

    As they're walking out, we see Joe, Nick, and Kevin in the outfits they were wearing in the album cover for "Sucker."

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    I love a good easter egg.

    And then we got some ~groovy~ shots from their wacky dinner party, including this slow-mo one:

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    Like, can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful these humans are??

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    It's amazing that people who look like this exist in the world.

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    Overall, we got an extra minute and 50 seconds of content, which, TBH, is more than we deserve.


    So, thank you to the the universe for dropping this director's cut into my orbit. It was everything I wanted and MORE.

    A DIRECTORS CUT OF THE SUCKER MUSIC VIDEO the jonas brothers truly keep on giving

    Though, I do have one *tiny* qualm and it's that in neither the original nor the director's cut do we find out why Sophie is eating those leaves.

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    Same Joe, same.

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