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    Jordan Rodgers Revealed That He And JoJo Fletcher Shared An Off-Camera In-N-Out Date On "The Bachelorette"

    Their love is too much for this world.

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    Last week, we sat down with JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, Bach Nation's favorite couple, to discuss their relationship, some never-before-seen moments from The Bachelorette, and their partnership with Autotrader for the Best Cars for 2021 that pairs you with YOUR perfect match β€” well, your perfect car match. Here's everything else we learned:

    Jordan and JoJo meeting on the first night

    1. What was your first impression of one another when you met on The Bachelorette?
    JoJo: [Squeals] Well, I thought that he was very handsome and I like that he talked about his family, you know, his parents' relationship β€” that stood out to me. I also thought he had a really nice butt. I remember saying, "His butt, it's nice!"
    Jordan: I remember the physical attraction, like, "Oh, she's HOT," but also I was just trying to remember my name. You step out of the limo and the cameras are on and you're like, "Shoot, this is actually happening!" So yeah, my first thought was, "She's gorgeous. Your name is Jordan."
    BuzzFeed: As a huge fan of the franchise, I always wondered how anxious everyone is right before they step out of the limo! I can't believe more people don't fall.
    Jordan: You know what the craziest thing is? The anxiety of the buildup! I stepped out of the limo at 10:30 p.m., but I was in my suit since 2:00 p.m. that afternoon, thinking we were gonna leave in 45 minutes, but you just wait, and you wait, and you wait, so when you do hop out of the limo, you're like, "Wait, what am I supposed to do?"

    JoJo kept squeezing my hand three times to say, "I love you," but it completely went over my head. I was just like, "What is going on?"
    JoJo wearing a unicorn mask

    2. What's a moment the two of you shared on The Bachelorette that you wish made it to air?
    OH! I think it was our In-N-Out night. But you should tell the story since you kinda finagled it.
    Jordan: OK, so you get ZERO time off camera. When you finish a one-on-one date, and the camera cuts, you walk separately back to your vehicles [to take you back to the mansion]. You don't get to just chat off camera, 'cause, you know, they want everything to be filmed. So, we're at hometowns β€” [Writer's note: For non-Bachelor fans, "hometowns" is when the Bachelor or Bachelorette goes home and visits the families of their top four prospects] β€” and I'm like, "Man, I gotta get some one-on-one time off camera." So I'd written these notes for her to read at some point β€” which you're also not supposed to do, but I finagled a way to get them to her β€” and one of our favorite producers, Bennett, was like, "Hey, this isn't allowed," so I said, "OK, I'll give these notes to her on camera if we get to hang out off camera," and he said, "OK, I'll see what I can do." So, we went back to the hotel that night and I surprised her while she was doing her interviews β€”
    JoJo: I had no clue! Once filming is done for the day, I'm not expecting to see anyone!
    Jordan: And we ordered In-N-Out, sitting in our sweats, and just hanging out. There were still a bunch of producers there, so we weren't truly alone, but we kinda just got to sit and hang and be normal. That was actually really important for us.
    JoJo: It felt like the first real-life moment that we had.

    3. What was the best and worst part about keeping your relationship a secret?
    JoJo: Well, the best part was that we didn't have any scrutiny on our relationship at that point, you know? Being able to have this exciting thing that no one is really judging yet. The worst part was that, you know, we just got engaged and we want to start exploring our relationship and feeling normal and telling our family and friends β€” we wanted to start feeling that normalcy as soon as possible...
    Jordan: ...but you gotta wait, like, over a month.

    Jordan imitating JoJo's dance moves:


    4. Jordan, what is something fans would be surprised to learn about JoJo, and JoJo, what is something fans would be surprised to learn about Jordan?
    Surprised to learn about JoJo...I mean, aside from the fact that she's a complete weirdo, in the best way? Like, she just loves to dance randomly and at weird times. And not like ~sexy dancing~, you know, but really funny dancing.
    JoJo: It's NOT CUTE at all, by the way [Laughs.] I think something people would be surprised to learn about Jordan β€” well, I will say, I think a lot of people had a perception of who Jordan was from watching the show. He was this guy living in LA who likes going out and being in the spotlight, but he's really the polar opposite. His version of a guys' night is playing golf with his buddies and then coming home to just hang out. He's so down to earth β€” he's kind and he's loving and he's such a hard worker.

    5. Who's the "most fit" between the two of you?
    [Gesturing to Jordan] 100%. I mean, at least the effort is there.
    Jordan: You know, we're working on the midsection a lil' bit more. That was something that was great on the show and has sloooowly declined.

    JoJo and Jordan playing tennis
    @joelle_fletcher / Via

    6. Jordan, which did JoJo prefer: Cash Pad or Fittest Couples? JoJo, which did Jordan prefer?
    [Writer's note: Cash Pad is a reality show where JoJo and Jordan help people fix up their homes and rental properties, and Fittest Couples is a competition show Jordan and JoJo host about in-shape couples.]
    JoJo definitely preferred Cash Pad. It's what she did WAY before she ever met me, so it was really fun to be able to do that together, but it was also really cool to see these projects that she was used to doing in six, seven, sometimes eight months time, in a week.
    JoJo: I will say, Fittest Couples was more fun. Like, Cash Pad was stressful, there were deadlines, and our money was on the line, but with Fittest Couples, we could just host and watch the drama unfold and we were so invested! It was a new experience, but so much fun.

    7. Jordan, what is JoJo's favorite reality show? And JoJo, what's Jordan's?
    JoJo's would be The Real Housewives.
    JoJo: ALL the cities.
    Jordan: But I like Beverly Hills. At first I was like, "How can you watch all these women yell at each other?" But then, secretly, I got invested.
    JoJo: [Laughs] Jordan's fave, though, would be Impractical Jokers, 100%.

    JoJo and Jordan building a house
    @joelle_fletcher / Via

    8. Your partnership with Autotrader is to help match people with their perfect cars, so Jordan, can you describe JoJo's perfect car? And JoJo, can you describe Jordan's?
    So, she likes a big car, you know?
    JoJo: I like a tank.
    Jordan: She has the tendency to, you know, bump over a curb and such, you know, she's not a bad driver...
    JoJo: I'm a great driver!
    Jordan: Mmmmm, that's debatable. But she likes a big car, an SUV or a truck, that's got a lil' something to it, a little muscle.
    JoJo: Jordan's always driven trucks, but recently, he's been into a sporty SUV-type car. That's what he's transitioning into β€” you know, more grown up, but still sporty.
    Jordan: We actually took the Autotrader quiz, and it said JoJo's dream car was the Ford F150 and I got the Volvo XC40. We didn't plan that out! It just knew.

    Thanks for chatting with us, JoJo and Jordan! In case you couldn't get enough of Jx3, watch their extremely adorable couples challenge video they did in partnership with Autotrader below. Aaaaannnnd, if you happen to be on the market for a new whip, take Autotrader's quiz to find your ~car soulmate~.

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