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    Jodie Turner-Smith Proved I Am Capable Of Stanning Her And Joshua Jackson Even More After She Shared The Story Of How They Met

    "We're in a two-, three-year one-night stand now."

    It's a secret to NO ONE that I am every level of obsessed with Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson and their beautiful relationship.

    However, these two lovely humans are relatively private about their relationship — which is totally their right! But that just means that when they give us little nuggets of information, I latch on to it like it's my job*.

    So when Jodie T-S joined Seth Meyers on his talk show and the topic of her husband came up, I was on HIGH ALERT! Lo and behold, Jodie revealed the saucy story of how they met.

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    Jodie starts off by telling Seth that she brought some Steelers merch with her — a sports team that he's a huge fan of — as a bribe in order to get a Late Night With Seth Meyers T-shirt for her husband.

    You may ask, why did Jodie need the shirt? WELL, APPARENTLY, one of Jodie's friends stole Joshua's shirt the morning after her birthday celebration. How did her friend steal his shirt? Well, because Joshua invited Jodie and her friends to stay in his apartment when he wasn't there. Why did he invite her? BECAUSE IT WAS AFTER THEIR ONE-NIGHT STAND!

    Jodie Turner-Smith on Late Night With Seth Meyers

    But that wasn't it! We got a lil' more information about that fateful evening. Jodie reiterated to Seth how much of a Dawson's Creek fan she is and how, of course, she's #TeamPacey, but she didn't let Joshua in on that fact when they met.

    Jodie talking to Seth with the caption, "Let's be real, who *wasn't* team Pacey?"

    We must all take a page from Jodie's book on how not to let a man know you're into him while simultaneously drawing him into your orbit:

    Jodie sitting on the talk show couch and smiling with one arm resting on the back

    I did not show my hand at all [when we first met]. I saw him before he saw me, and when I saw him I was like, "I want that." And then when he saw me, I just pretended like I didn't see him. So he had to yell across the room to me, and I was wearing this T-shirt that said ... "The Future Is Female Ejaculation" [worn by Tessa Thompson's character, Detroit, in the film Sorry to Bother You]. So he shouts across the room, "DETROIT!" And I was like, "Uhhhhhh" [see above photo]. And then he came over and is like, "Hey...," and then all night, he basically followed me around the party.

    Like, the confidence to be like, "I want that" about your childhood crush at a party, and then to GET HIM?? WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO STAN!

    Joshua and Jodie arm-in-arm and holding shopping bags and wearing masks

    You can watch Jodie's full interview with Seth Meyers here.