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Color Me Unimpressed At Jed's Instagram Post About Him Cheating On Hannah B.

Mr. No-So-Right, ammirite?

ICYMI, Jed Wyatt from The Bachelorette has been in some HEAT lately amid cheating allegations.

It wasn't too long ago when Jed was reassuring Hannah B. that he was here for "the right reasons."

So when Haley all but CONFIRMED that Jed was there for all the wrong reasons, Bach Nation was not here for it.

jed had a girlfriend while on the bachelorette....

Since these allegations, it's been crickets from Jed. UNTIL NOW. Jed has broken his silence with this oddly timed Instagram post.

Now obviously I want everyone to be safe — physically and mentally — and berating the fellow Bach men, Hannah B., and Jed's family isn't cool.

HOWEVER! Despite asking for people to back off in this iOS press release of his, Jed said...absolutely nothing else.

"I want to thank all of you who have reached out or reserved judgement until I am able to speak openly and I can only ask for you patience and kindness until then."

I truly am confused why, after the premiere of his hometown date where the Wyatts were down right RUDE to Hannah B., he posted this. Why didn’t he do a better job at addressing his cheating allegations?

Also, where was his kindness for Hannah? I think it's pretty kind to NOT CHEAT* ON SOMEONE.

To me, this just seems like ill-timed damage control. Like, if you didn't cheat, I would think you would be able to say so?

I'm not the only one who thinks Jed is grade-A sus:

These are the “You weren’t supposed to make it this far...what’s your girlfriend going to think about all this?” faces. #TheBachelorette #Jed

Hannah: So Jed dated someone for a long time... Jed’s mom: He... I mean... he... lived his life, you know.... Me: #TheBachelorette

Jed’s sister hair so big cause it’s hiding Jed’s girlfriend #TheBachelorette

“I’m not sure if him falling in love with you is a good thing” JED’S SISTER TRIED TO WARN HER #TheBachelorette

pullin up to jed’s hometown date like #thebachelorette

Overall, this is a HOT MESS. Obvs, don't threaten the boy's family, but also that post does not exonerate you, Jed!

I would just like to simply point out that there's ONE man out there who hasn't put Hannah B. through any B.S. Just sayin'.