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    James Marsden Revealed That He And Katherine Heigl Were Tipsy During The "Bennie And The Jets" Scene In "27 Dresses"

    James Marsden has been fine for my entire lifetime.

    To celebrate the release of The Stand β€” based on the Stephen King novel of the same name β€” we had James Marsden read and react to the internet's thirstiest tweets about his handsome face (and other body parts)!

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    So, if you wanna watch James take a delicious trip down memory lane β€” I'm talkin' X-Men, Hairspray, and 27 Dresses to name a few β€” then watch the video below!

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    SPEAKING of 27 Dresses, James had a fun BTS tidbit to share about the filming of our fave scene.

    James Marsden reading thirst tweets
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    Lemme set the scene: the year is 2008. You're watching 27 Dresses with your friends and lusting after James/obsessing over Judy Greer. Right when you think it couldn't get any better, a drunken Jane (Heigl) and Kevin (Marsden) hop on a bar top and drunkenly sing Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets."

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    Little did your pre-teen self know, James and Katherine were a little tipsy while filming this scene...

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    James revealed that this scene was the LAST scene they filmed in the movie, so they decided to go out with a BANG!

    James Marsden reading thirst tweets
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    "That was the last scene we ever shot for 27 Dresses β€” the bar scene. It was a night shoot, all night β€” once that scene was finished, the movie was complete. Katherine and I were like, 'maybe we should actually have a tequila shot β€” or TWO.' But, it was JUST enough to make us comfortable."

    Wow. Talk about COMMITMENT!

    Kevin helping Jane up off of the floor
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    Is this what they mean by "method acting"?

    Thank you to James Marsden for blessing us with that story and his face in general.

    Corny Collins hosting his show
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    If you need more James content β€” don't we all β€” be sure to check him out in The Stand, only streaming on CBS All Access.