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    This Tour Of David Dobrik's House Somehow Makes Me Love Him Even More

    I, too, love Le Labo candles.

    Hello, internet peeps! It is I, no.1 YouTube fiend. I thought today was just going to be a day like any other, but I was WRONG. Why? Because Architectural Digest blessed us ALL with a video tour of David Dobrik's home.

    So, allow me to take you on a lil' journey of David Dobrik's ~humble abode~.

    The tour starts off with DD welcoming AD at his front door. Behind him, you can see an adorable heart-shaped neon sign.

    In his entry way is all of David's notable awards — his fave being his Kids Choice Award.

    David has a full bar cart in his home, though not for himself — David doesn't drink — but for his friends because when they're drunk they do dumb shit and that gives him content for his channel.

    David picked this house because it wasn't too "big or small or modern or old." It was just right.

    In case you were curious, David's fave candle is this one from Le Labo.

    David has a pool table rather than a kitchen table. Why? Because he eats really fast/while standing up, so he saw no use for one.

    Also? David has a flamethrower, 'cause why not?

    Along with the bar cart, David also keeps a well stocked fridge for his friends to enjoy. He usually just sticks to water.

    David eats a shit ton of Chipotle.

    David has this 25-year-old bonsai tree that he bought so they could "grow up together."

    David's fave room in his house is a tossup between his bedroom and his living room.

    Though his fave feature in his house is the swivel mount on his TV.

    Now, what would a David Dobrik house tour be without a tour of all the black clothes in David's closet?

    In case you were wondering, "What kind of shampoo does David D. use?" Well, look no further! It's Suave Kids tear free shampoo.

    Enough of the inside, time to check out this sick backyard!

    Not part of the ~house~, per se, but David has a groundhog in his back yard that burrows holes all over the place.

    Now, to the front of the house where David keeps all his bitchin' rides.

    And, that's all folks! That is the inside of David Dobrik's humble adobe.

    Want to see more of David's home? Check out Architectural Digest's tour of DD's sick pad.

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