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    Updated on Aug 30, 2020. Posted on Aug 26, 2020

    22 Of The Most Sexually Charged Scenes In Television That Have Absolutely No Sex

    I am not well.

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    1. When Fitz asks Olivia to wait in the hallway with him for "one minute" on Scandal:

    Fitz and Olivia alone in the hallway, looking intensely into each other's eyes.

    2. When Claire wasn't ready to ~consummate~ their marriage, so Jamie spends several hours just talking to her to make her more comfortable on Outlander:

    Claire and Jamie sitting on their marriage bed.

    3. When Marianne and Connell "sleep" with each other via Skype on Normal People:

    Connell asleep in front of his laptop.
    Hulu / BBC

    4. When Nadia and Guzman seal their goodbye with a hug rather than a kiss on Elite:


    5. When Kelly caresses Yorkie's face in the bathroom on Black Mirror:


    6. When Dan "teaches" Serena how to play pool on Gossip Girl:

    Dan behind Serena, showing her how to hold a pool cue.
    The CW

    7. When Angel and Buffy do yoga next to each other on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    The WB

    8. When Stiles unwraps the red string from Lydia's finger on Teen Wolf:


    9. When Emma teaches Killian sword fighting on Once Upon a Time:

    Emma behind Hook pulling out his sword

    10. When Maya and Emily spoon on Pretty Little Liars:

    Emily and Maya in her bed at a sleepover spooning as Maya puts her hand on Emily's waist from behind

    11. When Serena steals Nate's toast — and then feeds it to him — on Gossip Girl:

    The CW

    12. When Damon and Elena dance on The Vampire Diaries:

    The CW

    13. When Archie and Josie perform "Fight for Me" from Heathers on Riverdale:

    Archie holding Josie from behind as they link hands
    The CW

    14. When Klaus pulls Caroline aside as she's running from Alaric on The Vampire Diaries:

    The CW

    15. Whenever Rachel and Mike exchange their heated quips in the office — before they started dating — on Suits:


    16. When Eric asks Sookie if she wants to be "his" on True Blood:


    17. When Rue brushes away Jules' hair as she comes down from her high on Euphoria:


    18. When Luke and Lorelei dance in the town square during his sister's wedding on Gilmore Girls:

    The WB

    19. When Schmidt places a tender and loving kiss on Cece's forehead on New Girl:


    20. When Danny dances his iconic Christmas present dance for Mindy on The Mindy Project:

    Fox / Hulu

    21. When Luke eats cookie dough off of Peyton's shoulder after their food fight on One Tree Hill:

    The CW

    22. Finally, when Effy drags her finger across Cook's face and then licks aforementioned finger on Skins:


    What are some of your favorite sexually charged, yet totally innocent, scenes from TV? Let us know in the comments below!

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