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    I Was Recently Diagnosed With Anxiety — So I Took CBD For 30 Days To See If It Would Help

    While I don't see myself going off my medication anytime soon — or, perhaps, ever — I wanted to ascertain if daily CBD usage would help alleviate lingering feelings of anxiety or, as my mom calls them, the "jitters."

    Hello, world! My name is Ehis, and despite what the peace sign implies in this photo, I am a. Very! Anxious! Person!*

    While I don't see myself going off my medication anytime soon — or, perhaps, ever — I wanted to ascertain if daily CBD usage would help alleviate lingering feelings of anxiety or, as my mom calls them, the "jitters."

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    I don't think there's a character I relate to more than Mrs. Bennet from Pride & Prejudice. 

    Now, you're probably wondering, "Ehis, why don't you just up your daily dosage of your antianxiety medication?" Well, dear reader, I wanted to exhaust all of my options before switching to an Rx adjustment.

    Charlie telling Lionel that his anxieties have anxieties

    And there's nothing wrong with upping your dosage! I just wanted to try this out to see if it could be an option for me or if overall adjustment is a better fit at this time. (Spoiler alert: It is an option!)

    My specific goals when it came to trying CBD were to get help with a) acute instances of anxiety/stress, b) sleeping problems, and c) staying energized despite lack of sleep. So when Highline Wellness reached out to me, my interest was immediately piqued!


    My best friend takes CBD gummies for his insomnia, and talking to him and others made me more receptive to trying it out! I was nervous at first — one of my anxiety triggers is not being in control of my body — but after I talked to him, did some research of my own, and consulted my doctor, I decided to try it! Well, apparently, manifesting works because around the time I made this decision, Highline Wellness reached out to me to try their products. 

    The specific products I would be trying over the next 30 days were the Anytime CBD Gummies, the CBD Energy Oil, and the CBD Night Gummies With Melatonin.

    Highline Wellness

    The Anytime Gummies and Melatonin Gummies start at $35 for a 30-day supply, and the Energy Oil starts at $50 for a 30-day supply.

    First up, the Anytime Gummies. According to the website, the aim of this product is "promoting a calm sense of well-being."

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    Experience: Now, of the three products, I used this one the least — more on that later. However, when I did use it, I noticed that within an hour or so, my frantic feelings would be less prominent. Of course they didn't go away completely, but I did notice an improvement in my mood. I will say, don't make my mistake and take these on an empty stomach!!! When I did, I still felt the calming effects — albeit a bit faster than on a full stomach — but I also felt a bit nauseated. (However, this may be due to my IBS! Who's to say!)

    Rating: 3.5/5 stars. I have nothing against these, but they weren't the most necessary for me because the other two CBD products did more than I needed them to, so I only took these like four or five times. However, if this were the ONLY CBD product I used from Highline Wellness, then the rating would be closer to a 4–4.5.

    Would I recommend? Yes! Especially if you just need it for the calming properties. However, if you need CBD plus something else, I would check out some of Highline's other products.

    Next up is the Energy Oil, which is concentrated liquid cannabis mixed with green tea extract. According to the site, the purpose of this product is to provide a "superior energy remedy for your daily ritual, channeling the powers of both CBD for energy and CBD for fatigue."

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    Experience: This product is the BEE'S KNEES! I used a tinctureful of oil almost every day in my morning coffee, and it worked. Usually around 3 p.m., I would get hit with midday fatigue and resort to either a second or third cup of coffee or a sugary treat to boost my energy. However, I noticed after about a week and a half of taking this consistently with my morning coffee, that midday pick-me-up was WAY less needed. I should note that you do not need to mix the oil in with a liquid! You can place it directly under your tongue to feel the effects, but I am a big taste person, and while the taste isn't strong, it's something that I personally noticed, so my morning cup o' joe hid it pretty well!

    Rating: 4/5 stars. I know the regular CBD oil comes in various flavors, but this one does not. If it came in various flavors, however, that would take this product from a solid 4 to a firm 5.

    Would I recommend? Heck yes! Especially for us caffeine addicts who get jittery from multiple cups of coffee but are walking zombies without a mild daily overdose of caffeine.

    Last but certainly not least is the Night Gummies. According to the site, this product is designed to help one "calm down, fall asleep and stay asleep."

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    Experience: What's better than excellent? Because that was my experience with this product. I didn't use it every night — especially since I didn't need to drink as much coffee with the Energy Oil — but usually around my menstrual cycle, I suffer from AWFUL insomnia, so these gummies came in CLUTCH when Aunt Flow came to town. Of the nights I took it, I either fell asleep within 30 minutes — and stayed that way until morning — or, for the two instances when I didn't quite fall asleep, my body 100% calmed down and was way less antsy than normal. Of all the products, this is the one that I will continue to buy for years to come.

    Rating: 6/5 stars. This may not be the MOST necessary for someone who also uses the Energy Oil, but if you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, then this is the one for you. Also, if you're a fellow insomniac, this will definitely help put you in a calming mindset — I cannot 100% guarantee sleep, but I can guarantee a peaceful doze/lengthy night nap.

    Would I recommend? 1,000% yes. See: above.

    Final thoughts:

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    I know it's only been a month, but I can say in all honesty that CBD definitely improved my quality of life. Taking these various remedies — in conjunction with my prescribed antianxiety medication — is definitely something I'm going to continue in lieu of upping my dosage. Some days I only need the oil; other days I need all three! My favorite thing, overall, is my ability to have some semblance of control with an array of products that suit my specific needs — especially since living with anxiety is constantly living with emotions that aren't in my control. 

    Writer's note: Highline Wellness sent me these products for free, but I was not under any obligation to review the products, and their sending me these products did not affect my review. My thoughts are honest and my own! Also, be sure to check with your primary care physician or a licensed medical professional if you plan on taking CBD with other medications!