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    The Kids Of "HSM: The Musical: The Series" Attempting To Recreate The OG "HSM" Jump Shot Is Pure Gold

    Close, but not quite...

    In the upcoming episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, the students of EHS attempt the iconic jump shot from the original High School Musical movie.

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    Operative word being: ATTEMPT!

    Disney Channel

    For reference, this is what they were trying to recreate:

    Disney Channel

    At first, we were off to a good start! Ricky came out in his full Troy Bolton get up — including the hair:


    We love to see it.

    Mirror images, IMO:

    Disney+, Disney Channel

    Though, not gonna lie, that's where the similarities end. In their first attempt, they all jumped at the wrong time:


    Um, hello. Dude on the right got some AIRTIME.

    Attempt no. 2 didn't go much better:


    And attempt no. 3 was...yeah, it just was:


    What can you say? Not everyone can master the jump shot in one take. A for effort, though!

    Disney Channel

    Where they lacked in precision, they made up for in preciousness.

    Be sure to catch this scene in this week's episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series THIS FRIDAY, only on Disney+.

    Fred Hayes / Disney+

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